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  • Archive for May, 2011

    Red Sox 1, Tigers 0:
    4,973 pitches…

    OK, it was only 127–But Holy Buckets! Every time Austin Jackson fouled another pitch off while DO and RemDawg kept count, I was totally convinced the next pitch was going to have a “little something on it”–namely Clay’s ARM…. But after all that drama at the end, Clay was left with a brilliant, 7-innings of…No […]

    May 18, 2011:
    DL Frenzy…

    So, apparently after walking SEVEN in the other night’s brilliant come from behind win against Baltimore, Daisuke has sprained his elbow and is going on the DL, joining John “But I have a new wind-up and will be much better–really!” Lackey as the next horribly crappy pitcher to fall… Can’t say I am all broken […]

    Red Sox 7, Skanks 5:
    Dead Even…

    Holy Buckets! WHAT a wild and wacky weekend of baseball–even by Red Sox/Skankee standards…. But, somehow that seems a fitting coincidence to the fact that 5 years ago yesterday, Boston Red Thoughts was born, and over a thousand posts later, here I am, still bitching and moaning, and sometimes even cheering about my beloved Boston […]

    Friday the 13th, the May 2011 Version…

    Personally, I have always loved Friday the 13th, and consider 13 to be my favorite and lucky number–so let’s hope some of that luck rubs off on the Sox, and they will FINALLY morph into the team they should be… But my faith in “its early” and that they will go on this massive tear […]

    Tickets for Charity May Giveaway!

    Remember how I told you a couple of weeks ago that Boston Red Thoughts would be partnering with Tickets for Charity (TFC) to offer a great opportunity to readers every month? Well, its time for May’s TFC-Red Sox Reader Giveway. This month’s exclusive event? A private VIP tour of Fenway Park for 2 with lunch […]

    Charity Wines 2011 Launch Event

    On Thursday night, I made the trek to the Holy Land to join Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz as they released their own labels of Charity Wines. The private event was held for members of the media to get the 1st taste of the wines, as well as have the opportunity to learn more about […]

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