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  • May 16th, 2011

    Red Sox 7, Skanks 5:
    Dead Even…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:58 pm in Baseball,Giveaways,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (4)

    Holy Buckets! WHAT a wild and wacky weekend of baseball–even by Red Sox/Skankee standards….

    But, somehow that seems a fitting coincidence to the fact that 5 years ago yesterday, Boston Red Thoughts was born, and over a thousand posts later, here I am, still bitching and moaning, and sometimes even cheering about my beloved Boston Red Sox. Thank you to the countless folks, friends and bloggers, alike, who have contributed to the extraordinary experience that has been Boston Red Thoughts for the last 5 years–and here’s to 5 more–all of them ending with a Red Sox World Series Ring…

    Last night, I sat down to watch the final game of this 3 games series against the Skanks, feeling pretty confident about the Sox chances, as Jon Lester was on the mound. And all of a sudden, in the 2nd inning, its 4-1 Skanks, and I think to myself “uh oh, another less than stellar outing for Lester” so I watch for a little while longer, and then I fell asleep, only to wake to a tie score (Thanks for Kevin Youkilis and his 3-run shot.) So I watch for a little while longer, and see the Sox take the lead, 5-4, only to fall asleep AGAIN–so it was a nice text message to get this morning that the Sox had beaten and swept the Skanks, AND got themselves to .500 for the 1st time this season…

    And how ’bout the drama trauma on Saturday night? Jorge Posada, slumping horribly with his .165 BA, was moved to 9th in the batting order by Girardi–and, accordingly to sources, threw this hissy fit, and asked to be taken out of the lineup–like 30 minutes before the start of a game. A game against the most heated rival, the Sox…

    HOLY…BUCKETS! Did Facebook light up like Christmas! And the most entertaining part of all was that it took the Skankee fans about 1.3 seconds to throw him completely under the bus… Good Times! Calling him everything from a quitter, to a cancer, to, of all things, Manny Ramirez (for quitting on his team), they were completely freaking out…And since it was a game aired on FOX, Buck and McCarver got into the act, going on and on and on…It was a beautiful thing to watch…

    I especially liked how Jorge’s wife decided to “help” her husband by tweeting that her husband was having back troubles–bet that was the first Jorge heard about that…But it did give him a convenient excuse for his decidedly uncomfortable press conference after the game–where I don’t think he looked ANYONE in the eye….

    I was hoping that the issue would continue to grow and fester, and be a horrible distraction for the reeling Skanks–but, alas, Posada apologized to Girardi, et al, before the game, and while he was not in the starting lineup last night—he pinch hit in the 8th last night, drawing a walk….and got a standing O from his fans, who apparently have completely forgotten about calling for his head less than 24 hours before…

    But it was fun while it lasted–and the Skanks are still reeling, having lost their last 5 in a row…

    So, John Lackey, who had sucked out loud in about 14 different colors, basically all season, is now going to try something TOTALLY different–or at least something OLDER–a different windup, one where instead of going over his head, he will keep his hands low on his body. Supposedly he used this a number of years ago, and feels like it helps his command. OK, so if it was such a great thing–why did he change it in the first place? Maybe it will help, but I find it hard to believe that he can just “poof!” change his mechanics like that, all of a sudden, and all will be well…But since he has an ERA of 8.01, which is the highest IN ALL OF BASEBALL, he has got to try something–and I guess we will see how it works out, when he takes the mound tomorrow night against the Oreos….

    Finally, don’t forget, you still have until Thursday, May 19th at 6:00pm to head over to Tickets For Charity via this special link, fill in your email address, mention that Boston Red Thoughts sent you, and that’s it!

    A winner will be selected at random from the emails received, with the winner being notified on Friday, May 20th. The winner and a guest receives a tour of Fenway Park and lunch during the day on Wednesday, May 25th, with the time and precise details to follow closer to the date. But I can tell you this: It’s a private tour that includes BOTH inside the Green Monster and on-field. WAY Cool stuff..and a must for any Sox fan!

    Coming up: The other problem child, Daisuke, takes the mound tonight to kick off the 3 game series against Baltimore, and the 7-game home stand. Which Daisuke will it be? The no-hitter Daisuke? Or the 7 runs in 1 inning Daisuke? Fire up the blender–the Jack Daniels and Maalox “Daisuke Daiquiris” are on me! He is opposed by rookie Chris Tillman, who is making his 1st career start at Fenway. 1st pitch 7:10pm….

    4 Responses to “Red Sox 7, Skanks 5:
    Dead Even…”

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