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  • Archive for April, 2011

    Red Sox 4, Cleveland 8:
    Hot Death on a Plate…

    And it’s not even a nice Chinet plate–its one of those crappy one-ply plates… I don’t even have the words to express how disheartened and disgusted I am…the 2011 campaign, which held SO much promise, is a stink pile right now, and at this point, it feels like they will NEVER win a game… I […]

    Red Sox 1, Cleveland 3:
    Four. Tries…Four. Black. Dots…

    Well, THIS is certainly not how I imagined the 2001 campaign would be….. CRAP…. I was hoping that Josh Beckett would turn the Sox around and put them on the path–and, to be fair, he didn’t pitch all that badly–his pitch count was a little high (106 over 5 innings, 65 of them for strikes) […]

    Red Sox 11, Rangers 26:
    The Trifecta of Baseball Yukiness…

    Yeah, I know, that was not a score this weekend–but it was the compilation of the scoring this weekend, and it very plainly shows how dreadfully bad the Sox were these last 3 days… But, if you like, we can look at the scores for each contest: Red Sox 5, Rangers 9: Ace Jon Lester, […]

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