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  • April 20th, 2011

    Red Sox 0, Oakland 5:
    Predictable in its own way…

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:59 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    A 15.58 ERA vs a 2.29, unless the reverse lock comes into play, is usually a recipe for disaster–or, at the very least, a loss…

    And this contest was no different–at least the losing part…

    Yes, Brett Anderson completely shut down the Sox offense, limiting them to 4 hits in 8 innings of work, further reducing his ERA to a sparkling 1.63…

    But John Lackey was actually, QUITE GOOD…In 6 innings, throwing 93 pitches (59 for strikes), he only gave 1 run on 4 hits while walking one and striking out 3–reducing his bloated ERA to a better(relatively speaking) 9.82– Gaw-ley!

    So where did the other 4 runs come from? Glad you asked. Okajima, fresh from his call up from Pawtucket, full of hope as a result of some great outings there–only to pretty much melt down and give up a ton of runs…He allowed Matt Wheelers inherited runner to score and then gave up 3 runs of his own in 2/3 of an inning work. To be fair, Alfredo Aceves did allow one of Okajima’s runs to score, which certainly did not help matters….

    Yeah, they would have lost 1-0 without the implosion–but apparently, Okajima STILL isn’t right… and now has a 40.50 ERA to prove it….

    Matt Albers, who was the Sox best bullpen guy before going on the DL with a right lat strain, is eligible to be activated–and expects to join the team for the Angeles series. So who is going down? His replacement, Aceves, had a 2.35 ERA since being called up…..Will Okajima be sent back down? Hopefully…

    I got through about 3 innings before I fell asleep–and those were a struggle…middle of the night games, while they do have a few advantages, for the most part–suck out loud…

    Jed Lowrie, batting cleanup last night, had an off night at the plate, going 0-4, but is still hitting over .450. By contrast, Carl Crawford went 1-3 and raised his BA to .143…Yikes!

    While I am thrilled for Jed, as he has always been a favorite of mine, I feel bad for Marco Scutaro, whom I like as well. Unfortunately, since Jed has been on fire, Scutaro’s playing time has dwindled….

    Finally, Batterymate Millers Time/Go Sox sent this along, about a recent Business Insider article about Major League Stadiums, and the safety in eating in many of them….Fortunately, Fenway rates OK–The Stadium? Not so much…Check it out!

    Coming up: The Sox play a middle of the afternoon game today to close out this 2-fer with Oakland, That Clay Person gets the start, hoping to actually GET a win on the road, since that that hasn’t happened yet. Yes, the Sox are 0-7 in road games from 2011–last time that happened? Oh….NEVER. He is opposed by yet another lefty, Gio Gonzalez, who has a 5.51 ERA against the Sox–hopefully THAT trend will continue… 1st pitch 3:37pm…

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    Predictable in its own way…”

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