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  • April 19th, 2011

    Red Sox 9, Toronto 1:
    THREE in a Row!

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:36 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Well, I guess we have found the secret to a successful Red Sox season–Let Jed Lowrie start every day–and only play Toronto…

    Oh, How I hope, I hope, I HOPE this is the beginning of something great–like a 15-16 game winning streak….But one positive thing–they are no longer the worst team in baseball–that honor has now fallen to Seattle, who is currently 5-12…

    And THIS is the exact reason why Daisuke makes me want to guzzle Jack Daniels and Maalox–his last outing–7 runs, and cannot even get out of the 2nd inning, and the Nation is calling for his head and a fund is being started to pay for the trip back home, and then THIS happens:

    An 89 pitch (58 for strikes) 7 inning, 1 hit gem, only walking 1 and striking out 3. 89. Pitches. That is an average of 12.71 per inning–crap, 89 pitches is usually a 3-4 inning outing for Daisuke….

    Now the Nation will be calling for his sainthood, and going on and on about how he has turned the corner and FINALLY he will be the pitcher we have all hope he should/can/would be…

    And that is how he sucks you in–because we have seen these flashes of brilliance before–just enough to get you to hope…and then he will throw another 5 clunkers and the whole vicious cycle starts again. I knew a guy like that–he was nasty and unpleasant as the day is long–and when you would say “Enough! I am done with your nonsense!”, He would go away for a while, and then he was start coming back a little at a time, being all nice and sweet and helpful, until you thought “Wow, maybe he HAS changed this time” And once he had suckered you in, he would start with the unpleasantness again–and this went on until the folks who dealt with this nonsense FINALLY washed their hands of him…But it took a long time…

    So, let’s just break the cycle with Daisuke now–We can hope for the best (because we WILL get games like this every so often) but I personally will expect the worst….

    But how ’bout Jed Lowrie! Hitting .516 (yes, FIVE 16…), he currently leads MLB in batting average. Now, we know that this will certainly not continue–but for right now, we’ll enjoy the show….More gaudy numbers for Jed: 7 game hitting streak, where his is hitting .624, and went 4-5 with a homer in yesterday’s contest…He weighs in: “…It’s April 18. We’ve got a long season ahead of us. My goal is to just keep my head down and keep grinding…It’s the kind of person I am. I am a very patient person. I know if I continue to work to get healthy and stronger, I will be all right. It’s a matter of working hard and getting stronger and trusting my approach.”

    And while I am still reserving judgment, Carl Crawford actually didn’t have a 0-fer in yesterday’s contest–his wall-ball double in the 6th inning prevented him from having a 10th game in where all he pretty much made were outs….His BA is now .138….

    Welcome Back Oki: After the Sox optioned Felix Doubront back to Pawtucket, they recalled Hideki Okajima, who had been banished to the minors after a pretty awful spring. In the minors, he threw 5 2/3 scoreless innings in 5 appearances for the PawSox–let’s just hope that translates into some success in the bigs….

    Coming up: Wow, talk about a swing! The Sox go from an 11:05AM game on Monday, to a middle of the night game on Tuesday. Yep, you guessed it; the Left Coast portion of our schedule is upon us. But while this seems too impossibly early in the season for there to be games this late, this is pretty much it–sure, there is a 2 games in Seattle in August–but they are Friday/Saturday games–but this way get them over with and move on….

    John Lackey and his 15.58 ERA get to kick off this 2 game series against Oakland, opposed by Brett Anderson, a lefty with a 2.29 ERA–Well, we can always hope for a reverse lock–Gaw-Ley! 1st pitch 10:07pm…

    Tonight’s game also kicks off a 9 game road trip–let’s hope they fare better than the last when they won NONE of them…

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    THREE in a Row!”

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