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  • April 7th, 2011

    Red Sox 4, Cleveland 8:
    Hot Death on a Plate…

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:27 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (4)


    And it’s not even a nice Chinet plate–its one of those crappy one-ply plates…

    I don’t even have the words to express how disheartened and disgusted I am…the 2011 campaign, which held SO much promise, is a stink pile right now, and at this point, it feels like they will NEVER win a game…

    I know they will–eventually–but holy buckets, it sure doesn’t seem like it.

    And I cannot even boycott them and cheer for my backup team–because Tampa Bay HASN’T WON A GAME YET EITHER….

    I know, it was foolish of me to actually think Daisuke would be brilliant.  And, if the bullpen hadn’t imploded, his 3 run outing would have been enough to squeak through with a win.  His vintage 5 innings, 3 runs on 5 hits (including a 2 run shot to Chin-Soo Choo in the 1st inning) while walking 3 and striking out 2, outing.  The only thing that was different is that it wasn’t 126 pitches in that span–it was only 96 (54 for strikes)…

    And if Dennys Reyes is so dreadful, why on earth did the Sox chose to make him part of the bullpen?  It’s not like they didn’t have other options. If we wanted known quantity badness, there is always Okajima…Reyes’ newest bad outing started out with TWO hit batsmen, and then walked the 3rd to load the bases–so they bring in Dan Wheeler who promptly allowed all 3 runs to score, and added a run of his own… YUK…

    Some bright spots for the contest:  Tim Wakefield had 2 good innings only giving up a solo homer while striking out 2… And Adrian Gonzalez had his 1st homer in a Red Sox uniform, a -run shot in the 7th inning, after an impressive 12-pitch at bat…

    And, On the heels of his generous contribution of $1 million to the Red Cross Society of Japan through the Red Sox Foundation to help he countrymen recover from the earthquake and tsunami aftermath of last month, Daisuke will continue the “Strikeout for Kids” program he and his wife began last year.  Once again, they will donate $500 for each strikeout he records during the 2011 regular season campaign.  Last year they donated $66,500, as a result of the 133 strikeouts in 2010…

    Now, let me get this straight:  LeBron James, an admitted and very public Skankee fan, is now partnering with John Henry and Tom Werner as a minority share holder in the Liverpool Football Club Fenway Sports Mgmt (who, of course, also owns Fenway Park).  With all the “powerful presense” and “iconic status” blabity blah being throwing around, I am not exactly sure what his role is, and if it will affect the Sox, but c’mon guys, couldn’t you have found a “power presense” who wasn’t a Skankee fan–or at least one that wasn’t a complete jerk about it???  Who’s next?  Billy Chrystal?

    Finally, we all heard about the travesty that happened on Opening Day after the Giants and Dodgers game– Santa Clara County Paramedic Bryan Stow was beaten after the contest at Dodger Stadium, and is now in a medically induced coma in an effort to heal his injuries. There is a fund to help with Bryan’s medical expenses and the like.  If you are interested, all the info you need is here. It’s still unclear who did this, or why, but this is an offense to every fan out there that goes to the park to cheer their team–and to every decent human being…

    Right now:  Jon Lester and Fausto Carmona are locked in a pitcher’s duel of epic proportions:  It’s the top of the 8th inning and the score is tied 0-0, and Jon Lester already has 9 strike outs in the contest (after having NONE last week)…  Who will blink 1st? Can Lester take the shut out the distance?  And if he can’t, note to Tito:  PLEASE dont put Reyes or Papelbon in…Please!

    4 Responses to “Red Sox 4, Cleveland 8:
    Hot Death on a Plate…”

    1. Lauren says:

      It will be okay. Fenway will make it better. It has to.

    2. Red Sox 4, Cleveland 8: Hot Death on a Plate… » Boston Red Thoughts | bostonredsox.sportsblogstoday.com says:

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    3. פרוביוטיקה says:

      מגוון רחב של ויטמינים, תוספי תזונה ברזל, מגה גלופקס ועוד..

    4. tmsky says:

      many thanks

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