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  • Archive for April, 2011

    Red Sox 4, Oreos 5:
    Back in the Bottom AGAIN…

    Just when we all think the Sox have dug themselves out of the grave, and that they would be OK, and if they won last night’s game, against one of the worst teams in baseball, they would actually be at .500 for the first time this year… Instead, this morning finds the Boston Red Sox […]

    Red Sox 1, Oreos 4:
    Still More Black than Red Dots….

    Yes, That Clay Person kept the Sox in the game, going 6 2/3 innings and only giving up the 4 runs. And yes, he didn’t give up any homers this time around, struck out 5 and only walked 2–but the career-high 12 hits are troubling, and on a night when the Sox once again could […]

    Red Sox 7, Angels 0:
    First Good Sweep of 2011!!

    Holy Buckets! The Sox are BACK! At least I hope so …. But it certainly seems to be the case…The hitting is coming back, and Red Sox pitching is LIGHTS OUT right now, only allowing 5, count ’em FIVE, runs over FOUR games against the Angels this weekend….So that is 5 wins in a row, […]

    Tickets-for-Charity to Offer Special Opportunities
    to Boston Red Thoughts Readers…

    Boston Red Thoughts is proud to announce we are partnering with Tickets-for-Charity to offer an exclusive readers giveaway. As a member of the TFC Red Sox VIP group, each month I will be posting details on that month’s giveaway, and providing a link for you to enter to win. All winners will be chosen at […]

    Red Sox 0, Oakland 5:
    Predictable in its own way…

    A 15.58 ERA vs a 2.29, unless the reverse lock comes into play, is usually a recipe for disaster–or, at the very least, a loss… And this contest was no different–at least the losing part… Yes, Brett Anderson completely shut down the Sox offense, limiting them to 4 hits in 8 innings of work, further […]

    Red Sox 9, Toronto 1:
    THREE in a Row!

    Well, I guess we have found the secret to a successful Red Sox season–Let Jed Lowrie start every day–and only play Toronto… Oh, How I hope, I hope, I HOPE this is the beginning of something great–like a 15-16 game winning streak….But one positive thing–they are no longer the worst team in baseball–that honor has […]

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