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  • March 21st, 2011

    Red Sox 1, Phillies 4:
    5 losses. In. A. Row…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:44 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    UGH…..I know this is Spring Training, but Holy Buckets people! THIS is the team that is a favorite to win the World Series in 2011–can we get some wins, as we are 10 days until Opening Day?

    And one of the biggest issues is that Jonathan Papelbon seems to be picking up RIGHT where he left off in the suckage department. In the 7 outings this spring, he is currently 0-1 with a 12.60 ERA. Again, I know, it only Spring Training….but he got beat up for FOUR EARNED RUNS against the METS, no less, last week, and he just looks plain awful….

    And the kicker is that while the Sox have at least 1 (heir apparent Daniel Bard), possibly 2 (Bobby Jenks) closers that can come in and do the job if Papelbon can’t–but will Papelbon fare any better (read: deal with the blow to his ego) as a set-up man? A $12 million set up man?

    And, and strange and as weird as it is–Daisuke, yes DAISUKE, has now had TWO good outings IN A ROW…in yesterday’s shellacking against Atlanta (amazingly, he left before the massacre) he went 5.2 strong, giving up 2 runs on 3 hits while walking 2 and striking out 4…Could new pitching coach Curt Young be just the thing Daisuke needed to right HIS ship?

    Let’s hope Young’s mojo is enough to save Josh Beckett, because right now, confidence is not high–in his outing on Saturday he could not even get out of the 5th inning. Yes, there were some errors while he was pitching, but for some reason, he cruises for a while, and then falls apart during the “one big inning”…I keep thinking to myself: This is JOSH BECKETT. The Same Josh Beckett who kicked the collective asses of the Skanks in 2003 to be the World Series MVP, and who helped lead the Sox to their 2nd World Series in 2007. The same Josh Beckett that, whenever he took the mound, it was just understood he would win–and when he didn’t, it was a complete shocker. And every time he starts, I stil think “Well, maybe THIS will be the game that he will right himself, and we will see the old Josh again” and then we don’t…

    Another day, another bunch of cuts: The quest to the 25 man just got closer today, with 3 more cuts to the roster: Daniel Nava and Mark Wagner headed to Pawtucket, with Matt Fox heading to the minors. The Sox currently have 40 left in camp, including 8 non-roster invitees….

    Got my copy of Remembering Fenway Park by Harvey Frommer last week. Holy…..Buckets…..WHAT an amazing book! I just started it, but when I am done, I will be definitely letting you know what I think….

    Finally, heard from is Barrett at Press Box, a sports media company out of Baltimore, who sent along their 2011 AL East preview. You can also look at all the other Divisions when you get there. Good read. Check it out!

    Coming up: The Sox face Tampa Bay at City of Palms Park for the last time this spring for an evening contest tomorrow. John Lackey and his 1.72 ERA for the spring gets the nod, opposed by Rays Ace David Price. 1st pitch: 7:05pm.

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