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  • March 18th, 2011

    Red Sox 8, Mets 5:
    2. More. Weeks…

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:12 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Holy Buckets! After this horribly long, baseball-less winter, the weather is warmer (70+ here in NE Pennsylvania today!) and we are 14 (13 if you are not a Sox fan) days away until real, live, meaningful baseball happens…

    And I cannot even tell you how ready I am for it…

    And I am not the only one–Got a note from Florine over at College Crunch (Collegecrunch.org) who sent along a recent article of theirs: 10 Reasons You Should Already Be Especially Psyched for Opening Day. And, with the exception of #6, even one is a completely valid reason (#5 is my personal favorite…) Check it out!

    And, it seems that Terry Francona did the right thing and named the proper Opening Day Starter: Jon Lester will take his rightful place as Ace of the Boston Red Sox and will start the April 1st contest against the Rangers.

    What surprised me was his selection of who would follow him in the rotation: John Lackey. I was SURE it would be Clay Buchholz, who ends up being #3. And yeah, how they line up after Opening Day is really not that big of a deal. HOWEVER, if they stay in this rotation–that means Lackey will be the Home Opener starter at Fenway Park on April 8th when the Sox face the Skanks…

    But the most shocking move of all: Josh Beckett will take turn #4–oh, how far we have fallen….of course, Daisuke, who had one of those rare flashes of brilliance the other day, will assume the role of 5th starter…

    Tito weighs in on Josh as #4: “Just watching the way last year unfolded, we want to get him off to a good start. We’ll pitch him that game in Cleveland. I think that’s a good place for him to start.” Read: He has a better chance of beating the lesser Indians than the very good Rangers….

    Heard from Jack at Diamond Memory Tours, a company that feels:

    1. Fathers don’t spend enough time with their children. (One study found fathers invest only three minutes of positive interaction per week per child.)

    2. Men don’t spend time with men.

    3. Baseball fans dream about visiting different stadiums.

    To that end, they offer family oriented/kid-friendly travel events everyone can enjoy. This year, they have a family trip that starts with Shea Stadium in NYC, where the Mets take on the Cards then heads to Fenway, where the Sox play Seattle, then back to NYC, but this time to the Stadium, to see the Yankees play Oakland. The cost for this trip would be $878, but if you book by March 27th, you can save $50.00. For more info, and other travel opportunities, check out their website….

    tedFinally, if you want a piece of Red Sox history that is TRULY amazing–then look no further than this Ted Williams “Teddy Ballgame” hand-signed 16×20 lithograph. Hand-signed in black sharpie by Ted Williams and comes with a full letter from PSA/DNA. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist. The Ted Williams Authentic #9 Family Hologram is affixed to the photo. You can get more info here… Holy Buckets! I want one!

    Coming up: The Sox do the Split Squad thing, playing the Tigers at 1:05pm at City of Palms with That Clay Person getting the start, and the rest of the team heads to Charlotte Sports Park to take on Tampa Bay, with Tim Wakefield taking the mound for the Sox. 1st pitch 7:05pm

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    2. More. Weeks…”

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