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  • February 28th, 2011

    Red Sox 4, Twins 8:
    Kicking off the 2011 Campaign…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:10 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Well, the Sox, predictably, beat the snot out of the college teams over the weekend, beating Boston College 6-0 (which was also a 1-hitter), and Northeastern 13-2—That’s the good news.

    Then, the Sox play their 1st game that actually COUNTS (OK, I understand, it just for the Mayor’s cup) and Okajima wastes no time in giving up a base clearing triple, allowing 4 runners to score in his 1 inning of work, and just like that, 2 decent outings by Sox starters are ruined, and the bullpen has a 15.75 ERA…. (Okajima is 36.00…)

    Speaking of starters, Josh Beckett did pretty well for his 2 innings of work, throwing 23 pitches, 15 for strikes, he gave up 2 hits (a double and a triple) while allowing a run…He will start on Thursday at City of Palms against the Phillies…That Clay Person was brilliant, striking out 2 and throwing perfectly in his 2 inning of work. He threw 18 pitches, 12 for strikes…

    I know it’s far too early to bitch, but I just need to ask: With the 478 lefties vying for the spot in the bullpen (ok, it’s really only 6), why, why WHY did the Sox even need to go down this road with Okajima–I don’t care if he is all ready to go and he is healthier than ever, and he had worked out the bugs–he had been declining since 2007–let it go…

    So Bobby Jenks, who, last time I checked, is a member of the Boston Red Sox now. So why is he still doing this nonsense with his former Manager, Ozzie Guillen of the White Sox? Everyone knows Ozzie can’t keep his mouth shut to save his life–why provoke him? Apparently, Tito had to step in and tell Jenks to shut his mouth, and send a message to Ozzie, asking him to cease and desist–let’s see how that works out….

    Holy Buckets! Talk about Bad Luck…Cardinals Ace Adam Wainwright comes to spring training and needs Tommy John Surgery, which means he is out this year, and probably some of next…that would be like the Sox losing Jon Lester–it would suck, big-time….

    Gonzales Alert: Arm is still firm attached to that surgically repaired shoulder, and had been hitting, alternating between 25 soft toss and 25 hitting off a tee. After a rest yesterday, he will resume this schedule for today and tomorrow, and then be reevaluated…

    OK, there seems to be a bit of a discussion as to WHO the Opening Day Starter will be on April 1–Uh, WHY? Or, is this an early April Fool’s Joke? You ask Jon Lester, he says “Josh Beckett” OK, Jon is pretty modest and unassuming guy, so he probably wouldn’t say himself, even if he thought it. But That Clay Person ALSO said Josh Beckett… WTF??? WHY is this even a discussion? Jon Lester needs to be on that mound in Texas on April 1–Hasta, Hasta, HASTA, be…..Can we get a man on this? Please? Oh, and by the by, Josh Beckett, when he was asked, said Jon Lester….

    Game 2 of 3 in as many days against the Twins today, this time at home. Daisuke gets the nod to start with one, with Carl Crawford, JD Drew and Jason Varitek making their Spring Training debuts n the contest…. 1st pitch 1:05 pm.

    OK, maybe I missed something, but WHERE is Jon Lester, and why hasn’t he started yet?????

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    Kicking off the 2011 Campaign…”

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