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  • February 23rd, 2011

    February 23, 2011:
    3 More Days….

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:07 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    As the temp continue to be in the low teens (yeah, like TWELVE), the Nation looks to sunny balmy Florida, where Adrian Gonzalez hit 20 balls off a tee Monday, the 1st swings of a bat he has taken since having shoulder surgery in the off-season. He dis his final day of tee work today, then take a day off and go from there. And since his arm didn’t fall off or anything, I would take that as a good sign…More than likely, he will start some batting practice over the weekend…

    Mark Toxemia is an idiot. OK, I know, no great revelation there. Why is he an idiot at this particular- moment? His comments earlier in the week: “It’s a lot of fun because we’re the underdogs this year. I love it. No one is picking us right now. We have to re-prove ourselves this year. The Red Sox made a lot of great improvements.” Let me say this slowly. If a team has almost a quarter of a BILLION dollars in payroll (about $200 million) you don’t get to call yourself an underdog, a scrappy team “the little engine that could”, etc etc..Its just…STUPID…Capish?

    Have you seen pictures of Jason Varitek this year? Hold Buckets! He is  jacked! He looks better than ever and certainly better than alot of guys half his age. I really think catching LESS has helped him combat the effects of being a catcher has had on his body. And there is really no end in sight for the man who has caught more games in a Red Sox uniform than any other (1421 games). He weighs in: “If my body holds up and I’m able to do the things I feel I can still do, Ill play as long as I can. If I start compromising my livelihood or my kids, later in life, Ive got to start questioning things…”

    So the Sox are going to extend Tito’s contract 2 more years to 2013, at $4.5 million per? well, DUH…He is only arguable the BEST Manager the Boston Red Sox have EVER had–its not like they are going to FIRE him–He’s a bargain at twice that price…

    Apparently Hank Steinbrenner is trying to channel his father by making some snarky remarks about Jeter and the fact that he built a mansion in Florida last year, so that MUST be the reason they didn’t get to the World Series–hmmmmm…Hiring people to build your house must really take it our of you–AND the other 24 guys on the team. Here is the direct quote: “In ’09 I saw it. Sometimes they celebrated a little too much last year. Some of the players, too busy building mansions and doing other things and not concentrating on winning. I have no problems saying that. They’ve come into this spring with a new hunger and that’s what it takes to win.’’ But now that they are the SCRAPPY team–all is better! Ugh….

    Finally, from our friends at eTrue Sports: NEW YORK – FOX will soon unveil a new television series, Sons of Entitlement, starring three colorful characters who imperiously rule over iconic sports teams owned by their fathers, sources told eTrueSports.

    Set in a fictional city called New York, Sons will star the Knicks’ James Dolan (Charles), the Mets’ Jeff Wilpon (Fred) and the Yankees’ Hank Steinbrenner (George) who, using charm, Hugo Boss suits and inherited money, will compete over eight episodes to become the first scion to run daddy’s team into disrepute and/or bankruptcy. You can read all about it here

    Coming up: The 1st 2 games of Spring training, the annual spanking of Boston College and Northeastern University begin at 1:05 and 6:00pm respectively–pitching for those contests are Stolmy Pimentel, Michael Bowden and Jason Rice during the day and Kyle Weiland, Alex Wilson and Rich Hill taking the mound in the nightcap.

    And the 1st Starter of the Grapefruit league? Josh Beckett, who gets the nod in the 7:05 game on Sunday night against the Twins at Hammond Stadium. Clay Buchholz and Brandon Duckworth will follow Beckett on the mound. Then on Monday, Daisuke will pitch in the 1:05 contest at City of Palms Park, playing, you guessed it, the Twins again….

    Uh….When is Jon Lester starting? Hello?

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    3 More Days….”

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