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  • February 17th, 2011

    February 17, 2011:
    Position Players Reporting Day!

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:25 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    With the rest of the Red Sox Players reporting today–yes, all of them–isn’t NICE not to have the “will he or won’t he?” drama that would ensue when Manny and Pedro came to camp? It was SUCH a passive aggressive move to have sort of lame-ass excuse not to get to where you needed to be on-time.

    But it’s interesting to note that Manny actually arrived at Tampa Bay Ray training camp OVER THE WEEKEND, well ahead of today’s deadline…

    So today, they need to arrive–and that pretty much means they need to be somewhere in Fort Meyers, then tomorrow are physicals, with Saturday being the 1st complete squad workout of the 2011 campaign….

    So, with everyone around, yesterday afternoon was Jacoby Ellsbury’s turn to be put under the spotlight, with everyone wondering the 82 million dollar question: Is he healthy? He weighs in: “I’ve been feeling good for a while now. I’m not worried at all. That first time sliding, the first time diving, there’ll be no hesitation….I’ve been hitting, throwing. I’ve been doing everything I need to be ready to go.” With no restrictions being placed on him by the ballclub, and that fact that he is so young (26) I think he will definitely bounce back–and I truly believe that between he and Carl Crawford, they’ll steal 125 bases between them–and of course, my “knack” for predictions is dreadful–I think I’ll be pretty close on this one…

    An interesting theory is being floated among the press in the last couple days or so: Will Daisuke improve without all the pressure of being Japan’s National hero? I mentioned it last week, about how he arrived with very little fanfare, and how different it was than 5 years ago, when he had dozens of reports following every pitch and every step…And as strange as it may be, I think he actually may be the type of player who just wants to go about his business, and will actually do better if he can do that. Now, he will always have some pressure, as this IS Boston–but maybe since no one really has any major expectations for him this year will allow him to relax and just pitch….But I bought extra Jack Daniels and Maalox–just in case…

    Apparently, all the cereal CC Sabathia didn’t eat this season went SOMEWHERE–and from the looks of it, right into the belly of fellow pitcher and teammate, Joba Chamberlain…Listed at 230 in last year’s stats, he weighs more than that now, and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore (Whaaaaa) and the management is dancing around the issue like a jumping bean. And through it all, Job is proclaiming that he is healthier and stronger than he was last year. OK, let’s break this down: You were overweight and flabby last year, and now you come to camp HEAVIER, obviously so, and you want to stand there and say you are “stronger, physically…I’m in better shape than I have been in a couple of years”? Yeah, OK, Cleopatra….

    The contract negotiations between Albert Pujols and the Cardinals have now been tabled until after the season, at which time the best player in baseball (you dont ACTUALLY think that would be A-Fraud–did you??) will become a free agent–Rumor around town is that he wanted a 10 year deal of about $30 million a year–and that the Cards were looking at 8 years at about $25 million a year. Personally, I think that if they could not get it done now, they probably never will…and you KMOW there will be a season of “will he go to the Red Sox? Will he go to the Skanks? Will he go to Timbuktu?” Whatever…I personally think a 10 year, $300 million contract to someone who will be 42 by the end of it, is a bit much–even if he is Albert Pujols…

    Coming up: A little more than a week until the Sox start playing ball…and 6 until the season opens–Holy Buckets, it will NOT come soon enough. But the fact that it was 55 (yes, like the speed limit) here in NE PA today, makes the wait a little bit bearable….

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