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  • February 8th, 2011

    February 8, 2011:
    Happy Truck Day!

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:54 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Yep, the “official” 1st sign of spring happened today–Truck Day! And yes, I know, anyone who is not a Red Sox fan (and even some Red Sox fans) think we are absolutely bonkers for actually caring about the fact that a truck laden with everything the Boston Red Sox could possible need/want/gotta have left Fenway Park at around noon today, headed for sunny Florida in preparation for Spring training next week…

    So, in honor of today, the 8th day of the month, I give you 8 Things…

    1. I hear that Papelbon and Saltalamacchia were 2 of the 1st players to arrive at camp, well before the reporting date of Monday…Lets hope the extra work and diligence will pay off for the both of them. Speaking of Papelbon–I heard he was quoted as saying something to the effect of “They don’t pay me to think” Now, if we could get the Sox to pay him to keep his mouth shut…

    2. I cannot even tell you how happy I am that Dave Roberts has beaten Hodgkins’ lymphoma–and that he is staying in baseball as the 1st base coach for the Padres in 2011. He weighs in: …”I never realized how many people cared for me and loved me, from family to friends to fans. The e-mails, the cards, all the well wishes, were amazing. I never really had anyone constantly praying for me and my well being. To feel that wherever I went, from San Francisco to San Diego to Boston and to outside the country, was very humbling.”

    3. If Daisuke sucks again in 2011, is he going to blame it on the fact that the interpreter he has had since he arrived with the Sox in 2007 went and got a job elsewhere? Hmmmm……

    4. Because a battle for the left position wasn’t complicated enough with Okajima, Lenny Dinardo, Andrew Miller, Felix Doubront and Rich Hill all vying for basically one or 2 spots, the Sox needed to add another lefty into the mix: Dennys Reyes, signed to a minor league contract over the weekend, comes with a pretty impressive pedigree, having an average against lefts of .238, and not allowing more than 4 homers in any season since 2004…Should be interesting to see how it all plays out…

    5. Jose Canseco is at it again. Apparently, he has challenged A-Fraud to a home run competition, stating he could “…Hit a softball further than Alex Rodriguez can have (sic) a baseball any day” (I think he meant “hit” instead of “have”) He goes on to say that he “understands if you back away from this challenge, because you are use (sic) to baking away form the truth and not commenting on it..” Oh, how I love folks who send stream of consciousness e-mails (or in this case, a tweet) without editing themselves in the least–good times!

    I am not a fan of twitter, but I may just have to sign up for the Jose Canseco stuff–the comedy is off the charts!

    Now, if we could get Carl Everett a twitter account, THAT would be perfect! He could talk about the dinosaurs!

    6. What is WRONG with people?? The bronze statue of legendary announcer Harry Caray, which lives outside Wrigley Field in Chicago, was vandalized with white spray paint over the weekend. And its not the 1st time–in 2007 a carcass of a goat was found hanging around his neck…People SO suck….

    7. So Michael Young has finally said enough huh? He has spent his whole career with the Rangers, and is the longest tenured player (10 seasons so far), and holds the ballclub’s record for most hits (1,848). After A-Fraud went to the Skanks, he moved from 2nd base to Shortstop. Then, when the Rangers decided to promote Rookie Elvis Andrus from the minors (DOUBLE A ball no less) 2 years ago, they moved him to 3rd base. And now that they signed Adrian Beltre, they planned on moving him from 3rd base to this strange amalgam of things: DH, and utility guy, since he could play all the infield positions. Apparently, his at bats would not suffer.

    And yes, he agreed to it when it happened, but he plainly wasn’t happy, as evidenced by his ‘willingness to “make some pretty big sacrifices” to (play for the Rangers)’ comment of last month. And now it comes out that he has asked the Rangers to trade him. Now, the Rangers aren’t going to–unless it makes sense for them. There is also the remaining 3 year and $46 million left on his contract–AND the fact that his list of teams he will agree to be traded to is only 8 ballclubs–sort of limits his marketability….Be interesting to see how it all plays out…

    8. One of my battery mates Millers Time Go Sox blog, is having his annual contests–and there are 6 of them! You don’t have to join them all–but there are some pretty neat ones: Make a prediction for the 2011 season. Will the Nationals be better or worse this year? Or how bout what will be the WS Matchup for 2011?

    And the prizes? Holy Buckets! TICKETS! To the place of your choice, to heck, THE WORLD SERIES! Check out his blog for all the details…

    And, if you decide to enter, mention Boston Red Thoughts in your submission, so then, if you win, I win something too…Deadline to enter is 1:05pm on March 31st, 2011–Opening Day (And my birthday…) But you might want to enter earlier than that–in case of a tie, the entry that came in 1st will be the winner…Good Luck!

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    Happy Truck Day!”

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