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  • Archive for February, 2011

    Red Sox 4, Twins 8:
    Kicking off the 2011 Campaign…

    Well, the Sox, predictably, beat the snot out of the college teams over the weekend, beating Boston College 6-0 (which was also a 1-hitter), and Northeastern 13-2—That’s the good news. Then, the Sox play their 1st game that actually COUNTS (OK, I understand, it just for the Mayor’s cup) and Okajima wastes no time in […]

    February 23, 2011:
    3 More Days….

    As the temp continue to be in the low teens (yeah, like TWELVE), the Nation looks to sunny balmy Florida, where Adrian Gonzalez hit 20 balls off a tee Monday, the 1st swings of a bat he has taken since having shoulder surgery in the off-season. He dis his final day of tee work today, […]

    February 21, 2011:
    President’s Day Trivia…

    As we anxiously await some organized baseball games (even if they don’t count), we here in NE Pennsylvania greeted Monday morning with 8 inches of snow and temps in the mid-20’s  (yes, it was 65+ and sunny on Friday…) Today is also President’s Day, which instead of February 22nd-ish being Washington’s birthday, the day now […]

    February 18, 2011:
    6 Weeks Today…

    Whooo Hoo! It hit at least 65 degrees here in Wilkes-Barre today, and Opening Day for the Boston Red Sox happens 42 days from today, on April 1st. So, in honor of that, I give you the 2011 Season Schedule, for your viewing pleasure…

    February 17, 2011:
    Position Players Reporting Day!

    With the rest of the Red Sox Players reporting today–yes, all of them–isn’t NICE not to have the “will he or won’t he?” drama that would ensue when Manny and Pedro came to camp? It was SUCH a passive aggressive move to have sort of lame-ass excuse not to get to where you needed to […]

    February 16, 2011:
    10 Days until Some Actual Games!

    Again, I know they will be games against college ballplayers, and split squad stuff, and games where, by the 6th inning, you are looking at the lineup and asking “Who ARE these guys?” But it will be some form of organized baseball–and since we still have 6 week (this Friday) until the real stuff–I’ll take […]

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