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  • January 31st, 2011

    January 31, 2011:
    Section B90, Row JJ, Seats 5 & 6…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:00 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    So I halfheartedly sat down at my computer on Saturday afternoon, not particularly hopeful that there would be any tickets left for the 2011 campaign, in light of the fact that the Sox have made some uber-amazing acquisitions, and, at least on paper, are front runners for postseason glory…

    And, at 2:00pm, I was right.

    Amazingly, I was granted immediate access to buy tickets, bypassing the “virtual waiting room” but every date I looked for was either standing room only, or “the quantity requested exceeds the available tickets” (I was looking for TWO….) And while I love the Sox, and Fenway Park, I am not driving 6 hours each way, and spending ridiculous amounts of money to stay and park in Boston, only to STAND at a Sox Game for 3 hours–not happening…

    So I resigned myself to the fact that if I wanted to see the Sox at Fenway this year, I was going to have to bite the bullet, and go to one of the ticket resellers online–at least then I would get the tickets I want for when I wanted them–and hopefully not pay too much for them…

    About 7:00pm, I jumped on again–not sure why, but I did, and once again, I was taken right in buy tickets, avoiding the virtual waiting room (I now wonder if there was no VWR this year…) and clicked on August, for the Cleveland Indians series. There was now a “allow scattered seat search if seats together are unavailable”. So just for giggles, I did–and 2 Grandstand tickets popped up RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! Now, where were these earlier in the day? Did they add some extra later, or what?

    Since that choice was a Monday, I figured I would check the Thursday, August 4th date, to see if I had any luck there, and HOLY BUCKETS! There were even better grandstand tickets, again, right next to each other! Not wanting to tempt fate again, I quickly purchased these. So $15.50 in fees later–I am the proud owner of tickets to the Holy Land for August 4th–Whoo Hoo!

    Now, let’s just hope the Sox are all they are supposed to be, and are enjoying a healthy 15-20 game lead in the AL East…

    Hey, did you hear? The Skanks signed Bartolo “get in my belly” Colon to a minor league contract last week, and hope that perhaps he will rise to the occasion as a possible 5th starter…..Do you think he is who Brian Cashman meant when he said hits?: “…I think we improved ourselves, and if we can get a starting pitcher, [we] will be a legitimate World Series contender.” HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..ahem sorry…HAHAHAHAHAH…I’ll be OK in a minute….HAHAHAHAHAHA….

    Some sad, but not surprising news: Rocco Baldelli, at the tender age of 29, retired from baseball last week. He weighs in: “I have no regrets. I played major league baseball. I got to the big leagues and I had some moments I’ll never forget…I just feel like physically I shouldn’t be playing baseball anymore.” Good Luck Rocco, you were a class act, and I hope you stay in the game in some capacity–I think you have alot to offer the young un coming up in the game….

    Finally, let’s hope that the Sox get picked up for some games on ESPN on Monday and Wednesday nights–Nomar will join Dave O’Brien as the analyst for the mid week contests. On Monday’s Aaron &*#(@&(Boone and Rick Sutcliff will work with old friend Sean McDonough…

    Coming up: Less than 2 week to Pitchers and Catchers–but 6 MONTHS until I can use my tickets…Holy Buckets, I want to go NOW–especially in light of the 432 inches of snow and the 192 inches of ice that are supposedly coming to NE Pennsylvania starting sometime tonight…

    3 Responses to “January 31, 2011:
    Section B90, Row JJ, Seats 5 & 6…”

    1. Kurt Smith says:

      Hi Christine–

      Should you bite the bullet and try the resellers in the future, you can use a website called “SeatGeek”. They search all of the ticket resellers and show all of the available tickets and even whether they are a good or bad deal. At the very least, you can take advantage of the market out there. Good luck!

    2. Christine E. says:

      Great resource Kurt! Thanks so much for sending it along…:-)

    3. Luci Colina says:

      You made some nice points there. I did a search on the subject and found most guys will consent with your blog.

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