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  • January 25th, 2011

    January 25, 2011:
    Various and Sundry…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:21 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox,Signings and Trades Comment (1)

    So, with yet another snow storm on its way this week, let’s look at the fact that in 3 short weeks, there will be baseball–albeit just some stretching and throwing and batting practice. But for now, we’ll take that…

    Just some random thoughts as we wait for that beacon o’ baseball to arrive, or my butt freezes RIGHT off–whatever comes 1st…

    As reluctant as I ma to admit it, I read Johnny Damon’s book, Idiot–as a matter of fact, it still sits on my bookshelf with all my other Red Sox/Baseball Books–books are a sacred thing, and even it I TRULY think Damon is a bonehead (and I do) I don’t feel right about just throwing it away–and really–who would want it if I tried to give it away??

    Anyway, I digress. So I read the book, and I remember the part about he went on about how rough the arbitration process is. That you go into a room, and the team you have been playing for, in an effort to drive down your price, will trash you, saying negative stuff. OK. This is what he said. And I think we can all agree that Johnny is pretty good at talking out both sides of his mouth, so in this case, would it be all that surprising?

    Not when you ask someone like Tal Smith, the current president of the Houston Astros. And someone who has argued the most cases for the side of management–ever. This is what he has to say: “There’s always been that misconception that if you go to arbitration, there’s going to be all of this mud-slinging back and forth about the player. But in reality, it doesn’t happen or it’s not that bad. You have your numbers, they have theirs, you state your case, and the arbiter rules. It’s pretty simple.”

    AND, apparently, there used to be a time when players could actually get a PAY CUT if they sucked in a previous year. You are a lucky, lucky boy, Jonathan Papelbon…

    Speaking of Johnny Damon, so he and Manny are going to play fro Tampa Bay? Really? I personally think this is a very stupid move on the part of the Rays. They have a GREAT young team, and now they are going to muck it all up with these 2 old guys who have TONS of baggage and drama…But it IS funny that Manny is taking a HUMONGOUS pay cut (like $18 MILLION dollars–opting for a $2 million, 1 year contract with the ballclub.

    And I bet that, never in a million years, did Johnny Damon EVERY think he would make more than Manny Ramirez in a season (his contract is for $5.25 million) HA HA

    And how bout we laugh at their sorry asses when they come to Fenway, and dispense with all the “should we boo? Should we not boo? I think we should boo. I don’t think we should boo…” nonsense….

    Something to think about: Jon Lester is only. 27. Years. Old. And ya know what? He NEEDS to be the Opening Day Starter this year–this needs to happen…

    One Response to “January 25, 2011:
    Various and Sundry…”

    1. Kurt Smith says:

      Don’t throw the Damon book away Christine. You’ll always have 2004 to remember fondly.

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