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  • November 12th, 2010

    November 11, 2010:
    Dragging like molasses in February…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:07 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Yeah, I know, sort of mixing metaphors here, but Holy Buckets! Is it just me, or is this off-season already going by slower than…well, you get the message…

    At least there is some hardware that was given out in the last couple of days–and the Red Sox even won something. Yes, Adrian Beltre, the 3rd baseman the Sox ironically signed because he was a superior option to Mike Lowell at 3rd base (not that I agree with that in the least, since his 19 errors was certainly not something to write home about) won the Silver Slugger award for his super hitting for the 2010 campaign. He hit .321 with 28 homers and 102 RBI’s…The other Silver Slugger recipients:

    Joe Mauer (Catcher)
    Miguel Cabrera (1st Base)
    Robinson Cano (2nd Base)
    Alexei Ramirez (Shortstop)
    Jose Bautista (Outfield)
    Carl Crawford (Outfield)
    Josh Hamilton (Outfield)
    Vladimir Guerrero (DH)

    And, (HUGE Sigh) the Golden Gloves were given out yesterday, and my only comment on THOSE is–Jeter? Again? REALLY???? And, apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so. My favorite quote as from Aaron Gleeman, writing for Hardball Talk on the NBC Sports “The notion that Jeter, at age 36, was the best defensive shortstop in the American League this season is simply absurd. He just isn’t…” The Other Winners were:

    Ichiro Suzuki (Right Field)
    Franklin Gutierrez (Center Field)
    Carl Crawford (Left Field)
    Robinson Cano (Second Base)
    Mark Teixeira (First Base)
    Evan Longoria (Third Base)
    Joe Mauer (Catcher)
    Mark Buehrle (Pitcher)

    And because the Sox don’t have enough players who have Satan as their agent, they want to potentially add one more: They have contacted Scott Boras to officially announce their interest in Right Fielder Jayson Werth. So what would they do with him? They are already paying Scott Boras’ boy Stepford Drew far FAR too much money to play right field…Would he play another position? Would Drew? There is no denying that Werth would certainly provide the middle of the order pop the Sox so desperately need–but at what cost??

    Some good news for the upcoming 2011 Campaign: Folks: Dustin Pedroia will be ready. Apparently, he is ahead of schedule on his foot healing–like THREE MONTHS ahead of schedule will begin baseball activities by the end of this month. Dustin weighs in: “I’m good, man. Last week, I got a CT scan on my foot, and it’s healing better than scheduled, so they took me out of the boot. I’ve been out of the boot for about, I don’t know, a week now. So I’m progressing, doing a lot more weight-bearing stuff, and I feel great, and I’m right on track to start my off season workouts and be 100 percent for Spring Training.” Yay! With Pedey back for 2011, Sports Betting on the Red Sox will have to increase….

    Finally, To all the service men and women, past, present and future, who serve and have served, so that we may be free. Thank you! Happy Veteran’s Day!

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