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  • November 1st, 2010

    November 1, 2010:
    Random Thoughts and The World Series…

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:08 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    While it would be nice to think that the Rangers will go on a tear and win the next 3 games of the World Series, I think they played their best baseball when facing the Skanks in the ALCS. The Giants are playing very well, and firing on all cylinders–its going to be tough, if not near impossible to break their stride….

    But, as I have said during this postseason–as long as the Skanks aren’t playing–I’m good; factor in the Phillie-less-ness, and that is just gravy on top.

    But the problem is that when the World Series ends, which could be as early as tonight, we have no baseball for almost SIX MONTHS…..UGH…

    But some great news in the past week: after being nominated 8 times, Tim Wakefield has finally won the Roberto Clemente Award! In recognition of his tireless community efforts, including Pitching in for Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing specifically earmarked grants designed to improve the lives of children across the New England region. Closer to his home in Melbourne, FL, he is dedicated to the Space Coast Early Intervention Center, is a non-profit therapeutic preschool program for children with special needs as well as typically developing children. He also served as Co-Captain of the Jimmy Fund this year, and frequently tops the list in community appearances for the Sox. Wake weighs in on the honor: “I feel very blessed. There were 29 other guys who were nominees for the Roberto Clemente Award, but there are also hundreds and hundreds of other guys who do a lot of work for each club. I know with our club in Boston, there are 24 other guys who do a lot of charity work. So I feel very honored not only to be nominated, but to win the award. I will definitely honor this award very proudly.”

    In honor of the World Series, Out of the Park Developments, is running a 1/2 off special on Out of the Park Baseball 11! It’s a super game, and if you get it now, you can do simulations to your hearts content in those dark baseball-less months ahead. But hurry, the offer is only good until this Wednesday the 3rd. For more info, you can go here

    Finally, if you were looking for a unique way to track the Sox, there’s an app for that: Boston Fan Misery. Offering real-time news, stats, scores & more for the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics, it does not end there. It also has something called the “Fan Misery Index” (FMI), which is a method created based on the relative strengths of a unique set of statistics (performance on the field) and opinions (effect of the performance on the field & factors outside the game). It’s a value of 0 and 10, where 0 indicates extreme fan bliss (sunny) and 10 is utter misery (getting stormy for Yankee fans). The FMI is calculated daily throughout the season & off-season…If you’re interested, the app is $3.99, and can be purchased here.

    Coming up: Game 5 of the World Series, and quite possibly the last game of baseball for 2010. But if it is, it will be ending in style: Another marquee matchup between Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum–will Cliff be beaten again? 1st pitch: 7:57pm

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