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  • Archive for September, 2010

    Red Sox 12, Tampa Bay 5:
    They won the 1st game in the last series, too…

    If we needed any more proof that the Boston Red Sox were done for the 2010 campaign, just take a look at this weekend–Holy Buckets–that was one UGLY series…It was the weekend where all of the Sox flaws were blatantly on display: Lack of timely hitting, poor showing from the bullpen, errors–and the piece de’ […]

    Red Sox 9, Oreos, 6:
    Doing a Double Take…

    As sad as it is, I am so used to them not doing well recently that when I looked at the game in the earlier innings and saw that they were losing, I was disappointed, but not super surprised. And since I didn’t get home until late, and then had things to do, I didn’t […]

    Red Sox 2, Oreos 5:
    Another Day, Another Loss…

    Remember when Josh Beckett was so dominant, so lights out, that when he pitched, we EXPECTED a win–and when he had on of his rare sub par outings, and the Sox lost, we were all completely shocked? Unfortunately, this year, the exact opposite seems to be the case: we expect the loss, the sub par […]

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