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  • August 27th, 2010

    August 27, 2010:
    Where the Rubber Meets the Road

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:08 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    As I mentioned the other day, if the Sox are actually going to try and get to the Postseason–this weekend’s series against the Rays is probably the biggest one of the year…

    And, I believe, for the first time EVER, its a Boston Red Thoughts Standing’s breakdown–without a Skankee in sight….

    Lets go to the Blackboard!

    Since both the Rays and the Skanks were off last night, everything stayed the same from the night before: The Rays and the Skanks are tied fro 1st place/Wild Card, with the Sox 5.5 games back in each standing.


    If the Sox sweep: They would only be 2.5 games behind the Rays SOMEWHERE (AL East/Wild Card–all depends on what the Skanks do against the White Sox this weekend…) A sweep COULD happen, the Sox are 3-3 at the Trop this year, and the Rays got beat up by the Angels during the week…so anything is possible..even if it is unlikely…

    If the Sox win 2: They would be 4.5 games behind…Not great–but still a chance…

    If the Sox Win 1: 6.5 games behind…Not so much…

    If the Sox get Swept: 8.5 games behind–and it will be all over but the shouting…

    And let’s not even talk about the fact that the Sox will face Tampa Bay at Fenway in a little over a week–yep–6 games in 12 days…Lets get through these 3 first–But If they are going to do it–they need to win NOW…

    Coming up: Jon Lester will face Cy Young Candidate (and 15 game winner) David Price to kick off this 3-game series. Clay Buchholz will face Matt Garza and his strange chin hair, Elmo on Saturday night, and John Lackey gets the ESPN start on Sunday against James Shields. 1st Pitch tonight and Saturday: 7:10pm.

    Here we go…

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