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  • August 24th, 2010

    Red Sox 6, Seattle 3:
    Repulsive, thy name is Johnny…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:44 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Today’s Blog Post is brought to you by the Numbers 17 and 16, and the word “Repulsive”

    While this isn’t the WORST possible return I can think of–Its right up there…

    Johnny Damon back to the (gulp) Sox? Could this possibly happen? Apparently, it’s all in Johnny’s hands, as the Tigers have said they would do the trade. Thing is, he has a no-trade clause–and The Sox are not one of the 8 teams he can be traded to without his permission (The Skanks and the Rays make the cut though….)

    Here is what he has to say: “It’s probably as tough of a decision for me to make right now as it was for me to leave Boston for New York. It’s something that, fortunately, we have some time to think about…”I had a great time playing there. But I think once it was apparent that I wasn’t a necessity to re-sign there, it started to get ugly. And that’s why I’ve got to think long and hard….I have to think long and hard if I’m going to once again be probably one of the nicest guys in baseball, but be once again the most hated guy in baseball. That’s what it boils down. You guys see how I get booed in every ballpark already.”

    One of the “nicest guys in baseball”??? Holy Buckets, this man is repulsive…Stay the hell away and play on the Tigers and leave the Sox alone–sounds like you already made you decision…Officially, he has until Wednesday afternoon to decide.

    And of course, folks are all atwitter with the thoughts of him coming back, gushing like little school girls–even MORE repulsive…..

    But onto some good stuff–John Lackey went 8 innings of more than competent baseball last night for his 12th win–Although I could have done without his tying the score in the 6th inning–and his own fielding error… And I will admit I had some flashbacks to the last 8 inning game Lackey pitches–the one where Jonathan Papelbon screwed the pooch and the blew the save in the loss to Toronto–but fortunately, “Good” Papelbon was on hand to button up this win…

    Lackey’s line: Throwing 112 pitches, 76 for strikes, 3 runs on 6 hits while walking 2 and striking out a season-high 10 batters…

    And how bout Marco Scutaro? Playing almost every day (22 games more than any Red Sox player has played this year, except for Adrian Beltre), he went 2-4 with 4 RBI’s in last night’s win…and he is doing it all–with a pinches nerve and shoulder pain…

    Well, so much for that… After a astounding 5 pitch, scoreless inning for Pawtucket on Saturday, Okajima was lit up in his 2nd outing: 4 runs on 4 hits, including a 2 run home–Yukky Pitcher is baaaaaack….He will be meeting with the powers that be at Fenway to see where he goes from here….I can’t believe they will activate him–releasing him and keeping Felix Doubront up, certainly cannot make the Sox any worse…

    Some neato 17 Stats: There were 17 hits in last night’s game–and every last one of them was a single. AND, When Mike Lowell hit HIS single in the 8th inning, it was the 1700th of his career…

    Coming up: Josh Beckett, coming off yet ANOTHER terrible outing, takes the mound in game 2 of this series, opposed by old friend David Pauley. Will we get great Josh Beckett? (Who is 4-1 with a 2.39 ERA, lifetime against Seattle) or Yukky Pitcher Beckett? 1st pitch 7:10pm

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