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  • August 17th, 2010

    August 17, 2010:
    Live Baseball Chat

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:00 pm in Baseball,General No Comments

    Live Chat Concepts is a new company who recently developed technology allowing online chatting by large groups of people, all while watching a live event on TV. While this application obviously has endless uses, (certainly would have been cool for the last episode of “Lost”) one of the first “destination websites” is one that would certainly appeal to me: Live Baseball Chat…

    I recently had the chance to sit down with Dean Collins, one of the founders, and get all the “news that is fit to print” about Live Chat Concepts and Live Baseball Chat

    Boston Red Thoughts: What is Live Baseball Chat?

    Dean Collins: Live Baseball Chat is a free site that allows you to chat real time with other baseball fans live during the MLB 2010 season. A dedicated chat room for each MLB game is started 30 minutes before each game and closes 30 minutes after the game is finished. There is a new unique live chat room for every regular season game, the All Stars game, and each Playoff game.

    BRT: How is Live Baseball Chat live chat different from the current team forum setup?

    DC: Most of the MLB content I read after the game is in the format of blogs or forums. And while these work great “after the game”, if you are using a forum for chatting during a game you have to keep refreshing your browser or keep jumping around the various posts. It loses that feeling of conversation with friends. In the future, we hope to partner with a lot of MLB fan team forums and blogs because we are actually providing different functionality; and you can even chat on our site once the game is finished.

    BRT: So, Live Baseball Chat is alot like Twitter?

    DC: I love using Twitter but felt something was missing. I saw a whole LBC 1--Twitter infoheap of people that I followed with my twitter account posting messages with the hash tag #MLB or #NYMets but it felt like we were shouting “past” each other rather than having real conversations. Live Baseball Chat allows you to see all the messages instantly in real time as it’s updated with no need to “search” for specific people or hashtags.

    As a matter of fact, one of our new features will allow you to auto log in a post to your Twitter and Facebook accounts each time you log in. You will also be able to publish messages to the chat room, as well as your Twitter and Facebook Accounts…This functionality will allow you to invite your friends into a chat room, which you can also do my sending them a CHurl (Chat Room URL), via e-mail.

    BRT: You mentioned some new features; can you tell us about some of them?

    DC: You can now get a Buddy Alert email each time someone in your Buddy list joins a Live Chat, so if a friend of yours joins a chat you will get an email with the CHurl for the room they have logged into.

    We’ve implemented a Quick Tip box that will load up text about new LBC 2--Quick Tipsfeatures. Since we are adding new features all of the time, this will help users keep track of the new features, and how they work.

    Another new feature is Team Walls, which is the ability to find users who have the same favorite team as you. When you click on a team name you will launch the Team Wall panel that shows you the avatars for each user who has nominated this as their favorite team.

    BRT: Sounds like fun. How do I join a Live Chat room?

    DC: Using any browser, go to www.LiveBaseballChat.com and register a LBC 3--Login Screenusername and password. There is no software to download or any executable to click; everything is done in the browser. Once you have confirmed your email address you can log in and view the schedule page with all the chats listed and their start times. Chats can only be entered 30 minutes before the start of the baseball game.

    BRT: Definitely something I am going to need to try out. Dean, thanks so much for answering our questions, and Best of Luck with Live Chat Concepts and Live Baseball Chat…We look forward to seeing alot of neat things in the future.

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