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  • Archive for August, 2010

    August 31, 2010:
    Heaps and Tons of Randomness…

    OK, how bout 9 Random things while we wait for the Sox to play their 132nd game tonight, 7 games behind the Skanks in the AL east… 1. So Manny is going to the White Sox huh? Yippee freaking Skippy. This would not matter to me one iota, expect for the fact that the Sox […]

    Red Sox 3, Tampa Bay 5:
    …But the Shouting…

    We all knew the Sox needed to win at least 2 of the 3, or better yet, all 3 of the games this weekend, to remain relevant n the AL East/Wild Card race for 2010… And we all knew that the pitching staff needed to pony up and get the job done–and on Friday night, […]

    August 27, 2010:
    Where the Rubber Meets the Road

    As I mentioned the other day, if the Sox are actually going to try and get to the Postseason–this weekend’s series against the Rays is probably the biggest one of the year… And, I believe, for the first time EVER, its a Boston Red Thoughts Standing’s breakdown–without a Skankee in sight…. Lets go to the […]

    Red Sox 5, Seattle 3,
    Red Sox 2, Seattle 4:
    Treading Water…

    While in any other situation, winning 2 out of 3 and winning series would certainly be a good thing–and it does keep the Sox in the thick of things. A 6-3 homestand is certainly nothing to complain about. HOWEVER, when the 2 teams in front of the pack are in the same division, and seem […]

    Red Sox 6, Seattle 3:
    Repulsive, thy name is Johnny…

    Today’s Blog Post is brought to you by the Numbers 17 and 16, and the word “Repulsive” While this isn’t the WORST possible return I can think of–Its right up there… Johnny Damon back to the (gulp) Sox? Could this possibly happen? Apparently, it’s all in Johnny’s hands, as the Tigers have said they would […]

    Red Sox 5, Toronto 0:
    WHAT a strange weekend…

    Where else but in baseball can you see one of the best pitchers of our generation get completely and utterly shelled in a 16-2 flogging on Friday night. Then on Saturday night, a shortstop everyone has all but written off, hits the walk-off homerun to win the game in the 11th inning, then on Sunday, […]

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