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  • Archive for July, 2010

    Red Sox 5, Tampa Bay 6:
    How do you say Vintage Daisuke in Japanese?

    WHY does it even bother/surprise me anymore? The 110+ pitches, the nibbling, the walks, the inability to get past the 6th inning, The One. Bad.Inning…. If someone wanted to sum up Daisuke’s tenure with the Red Sox, yesterday’s loss against the Rays would be the perfect example… 112 pitches, 63 for strikes, Daisuke went 4 […]

    July 2, 2010:
    Another one bites the dust…

    OK, now this is getting ridiculous… Last night, I saw that the Sox had brought back Kevin Cash–the backup catcher who took care of Tim Wakefield’s starts during the 2007 and 2008 campaigns, and thought “How cool, they want someone more experienced to backup Jason Varitek–and he can catch Wake…” Yeah. Sure. Right. Imagine my […]

    Red Sox 4, Tampa Bay 9:
    WHERE do I begin?

    It’s bad enough that the Sox persist in keeping the demonic bullpen tandem, but do they REALLY have to have them come into a game–in tandem? Manny Delcarmen and Ramon S–in 2 innings of work–which is deceiving, because MDC gave up 5 runs without even recording an out. The 6 outs were all Ramon S’s […]

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