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  • July 13th, 2010

    July 13, 2010:
    David Ortiz Wins the Homerun Derby!

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:26 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    Never getting higher than 4th place during the 3 years (2006-2009) he participated in the HR Derby, David Ortiz blew everyone’s doors off, and won!

    The 1st member of the Boston Red Sox to ever win the Derby, Big Papi Racked up 8 runs in the 1st round, 13 runs in the 2nd round–Tying him with Hanley Ramirez with 21, and then 11 runs in the 3rd, beating the former Red Sox shortstop in the finals by 6 runs…Big Papi weighs in: “It means a lot to me. Thanks to the fans for the support. Thanks to everyone for showing up. We do this for you guys. We want to make sure you guys enjoy the show….Rest in peace (Jose Lima)…It’s for you my boy…”

    Dustin Pedroia has a bone CT scan aiming up on Friday to see how the healing of his broken foot is progressing. If it’s better, he could start resuming baseball activities…If he had his way, he’d be back and playing for the Sox next week… Unfortunately, the reality is that if he “breaks off” the bone, they will need to put a pin in it, which means he would be done for the season. And I am sure that even if he foot is really healed, there will be some rehab in the minors (even if he doesn’t want to) So, despite what Pedey says, I think it will be closer to August that next week…

    Wait a minute! I thought That Clay Person would be starting in Texas this weekend?? Now the word around town is that he will be getting a rehab start in Pawtucket on Friday? That would mean the earliest he could pitch again would be during the Oakland series the middle of next week…Will we see Felix Doubront again?

    How bout Joe Girardi, being all sorts of anxious to replace Adrian Beltre in the All-Star Game? Yes, Adrian strained a hamstring, but neither him nor MLB said anything about him definitely NOT playing–and no one is real clear on where Girardi got his info…So Michael Young was called as a replacement for someone who more than likely will not need a replacement, so now he is on standby if a replacement is needed… Yeah, that sounded better in my head…

    New Drinking Game! Every time Tim McCarver says something that makes NO SENSE tonight during the All-Star Game, take a drink–and when we are all in the hospital from alcohol poisoning before 1st pitch–don’t blame me…

    The End of an Era: King George, or the Boss for those who wished to call him that, has went to the big World Series in the Sky–yes, George Steinbrenner (who has been looking pretty frail for some time now) has died–he was 80. While never one of my favorite people, he certainly had more spark than his boring waffling son Hal who took over the Management when George retired…Good Luck wherever you are going, King George…

    Coming up: Starting at 8:00pm, (which means the actual game will start at 9:00pm,) the 81st Annual All-Star Game will kick off… With the winner getting home field advantage in the World Series, it MEANS SOMETHING!! (Whatever) The AL goes for consecutive win #14, but the NL is not bitter: honorary NL president Bill Giles referred to the AL’s winning ways as “that stupid little streak.”

    Unfortunately, Fox is hosting it, which means it won’t be any more palatable that the Home Run Derby was last night…

    Here are the starting lineups for tonight’s contest:


    1. Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners, RF

    2. Derek Jeter, Yankees, SS

    3. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers, 1B

    4. Josh Hamilton, Rangers, CF

    5. Vladimir Guerrero, Rangers, DH

    6. Evan Longoria, Rays, 3B

    7. Joe Mauer, Twins, C

    8. Robinson Cano, Yankees, 2B

    9. Carl Crawford, Rays, LF

    Starter: David Price, Rays, LHP


    1. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins, SS

    2. Martin Prado, Braves, 2B

    3. Albert Pujols, Cardinals, 1B

    4. Ryan Howard, Phillies, DH

    5. David Wright, Mets, 3B

    6. Ryan Braun, Brewers, LF

    7. Andre Ethier, Dodgers, CF

    8. Corey Hart, Brewers, RF

    9. Yadier Molina, Cardinals, C

    Starter: Ubaldo Jimenez, Rockies, RHP

    3 Responses to “July 13, 2010:
    David Ortiz Wins the Homerun Derby!”

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