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  • July 9th, 2010

    July 9, 2010:
    Post 900: 9 Things…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:01 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    While we wait to begin the last weekend of baseball before the All-Star Break, we’ll look at 9 things, in and around Red Sox Nation…

    1. As I mentioned before, when I started Boston Red Thoughts back in Macy 2006, I never thought I would get to 900 posts–heck, I’m surprised this is my 5th season chronicling the team that alternately thrills and aggravated the crap out of me–thought they would have locked me up long ago…Terminal Insane Red Sox Fan… So to all of you who stop by now and again to read what I have to say, I say “Thank you” And next stop, 1000!

    2. Yeah, Shankapotamus beat out Youk for the final man–How that even happened, is beyond me…the only category Swisher beats Youk in is BA–by 6 points (.298 to .292)…Frankly, I am surprised Youk was even reduced to the Final Man thing–his numbers were super–did he not fare well in the player balloting?

    3. Talk about a return on your investment: Did you know that the Boston Red Sox purchased the contract of Daniel Nava for $1.00 (yes, ONE DOLLAR) from the Independent League in 2007? Nava was in the running for my favorite player of 2010; that may just seal the deal…It’s just unfortunate that either he or Darnell McDonald (another favorite for 2010) will go when Jacoby Ellsbury returns…

    4. Speaking of which: Looks like the boy is ready to start playing some baseball…Its confirmed:  Ellsbury will return to the team and start resuming baseball activities. Ahhhhhhh! He will work out with the team over this weekend, and then will head to Fort Myers to work there until he is read for a rehab assignment. There is no time frame for when that will be, yet…

    5. Clay Buchholz is also on the mend, throwing a side session on Wednesday afternoon, for a total of 44 pitches, and his hamstring did not even fall off. That Clay Person weighs in: “I feel pretty good. We’re going in the right direction. It was good just to get the feel of it. I felt fine throwing [on] flat ground, so I had a pretty good idea that I’d feel pretty good.”

    6. Jed Lowrie is doing the rehab game thing and hasn’t run into a tree, or fell in a ditch–yet…In his 2nd contest, he went 1 -2 with a walk. He can spend up to 20 days in the minors before the Sox decided what to do with him, with the plan to have him play all the left infield positions…It will be interesting to see how it all plays out…

    7. The Jacob Brothers, Matthew and Mark, have written a book called What the Great Ate: A Curious History of Food and Fame, and it is way cool. Some neato anecdotes include the fact that when Ted Williams used to order Room Service, he would actually time them with a stopwatch? And how about the fact that while there was a Kenny Griffey Jr chocolate bar, its namesake could not eat it, because he is allergic to chocolate? These and TONS of other tidbits can be found on their website: . This definitely looks like a book I may need to pick up–and if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know all about it…

    8. Its time once again for Picnic in the Park, the Red Sox Wives Annual Fundraiser, scheduled for Sunday, August 1, 1 hour after the end of the Sox -Tigers Game.

    Benefiting The Red Sox Foundation’s Red Sox Scholars and Rookie and RBI programs, this years festivities will feature a performance by Blue Man Group. In addition to the BBQ picnic on the field at Fenway, there will be a 30-minute autograph session with members of the Red Sox, and some amazing auction items including:

    * Play video games with Red Sox Pitcher Clay Buchholz at Fenway Park

    * Have David Ortiz record your home or cell phone voice answering message, including a meet and greet with David at Fenway Park

    * You and up to 13 of your family and friends will see Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse in Boston in September.

    Picnic tickets are $350.00 per person for General Admission, $500.00 per person for the MVP Admission, with a limited number of each available and advanced purchase is required. Picnic tickets are also separate from game tickets, and can be purchased by visiting the Picnic in the Park Website or by calling 617-226-6002. More information, or to participate in the auction (if you can’t afford to go, like me), you can go The Red Sox Foundation website.

    9. Coming up: The first of the last 3 games of the unofficial first 1/2 of the season commence this evening, with the Sox traveling to Canada to face the Blue Jays. Jon Lester kicks off the series, opposed by Ricky Romero, who had the worst start of his career his last outing. The Sox are 5-1 against Toronto Blue Jays this season–Let’s hope THAT trend continues–they cannot afford to drop any lower in the standing before the break… 1st pitch 7:07pm…

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