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  • Archive for June, 2010

    Red Sox 3, Cleveland 2:
    History in the Making…

    Of course the baseball world is a buzz with Stephen Strasburg’s exceptional major league debut –7 innings, throwing 94 pitches, 65 for strikes while giving up 2 runs on 2 hits, the only scoring on Delwyn Young’s 2 run shot in the 4th, while walking none and striking out, get this, FOURTEEN–including the last 7 […]

    Red Sox 3, Oreos 4, In 11 Innings:
    And that would be 1-7…

    Out of the 7 extra inning games the Red Sox have played, they have won ONE of them…it’s getting to the point that if it’s an extra inning game, no matter if it’s at home or away, is pretty much an automatic loss–which isn’t good… And what is worse is the fact that the Sox […]

    June 5, 2009:
    4th Annual Beckett Bowl to be Held in July

    On July 29, Josh Beckett will don his bowling shoes once again for the 4th annual Beckett Bowl to be held at Lucky Strike Lanes in Boston. The evening begins at 6:00 pm with a celebrity red-carpet event. Then, at 7:15 the celebrity bowling tournament begins, which will include current and past Boston Red Sox, […]

    Red Sox 8, Oakland 9:
    A Complete Mongolian Cluster…

    This game was just…BAD…A shaky starter, bad relief, an error, and not one by TWO runners gunned down at the plate…just…YUK… Tim Wakefield fared better than he did over the weekend, but giving up 6 runs isn’t exactly something to write home about; neither are the 2 homers or the 8 hits. BUT, he did […]

    Red Sox 6, Oakland 4:
    A Crazy Day in Baseball…

    Holy Buckets! Was yesterday not one of the strangest baseball has been in a long time? We all know anything can happen (and usually does) but yesterday was bizarre, even by baseball standards… Where else but in baseball can you see an icon retire, a perfect game ruined by a bad ump call with 2 […]

    Red Sox 9, Oakland 4:
    Good enough for a win…

    While John Lackey has been good enough to win more often than he loses and as a matter of fact is the 2nd winningest member of the rotation after That Clay Person–it always feels like a struggle to win when he is pitching–and last night was no exception… Sure, he gave the Sox 6 innings–but […]

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