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  • June 21st, 2010

    Red Sox 2, Dodgers 0:
    “I miss Jason Bay more than I miss Manny”*

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:53 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    * As quoted to me by my husband during Friday night’s game…

    You know how they say that living good is the best revenge? Well, winning without AND against Manny Ramirez was certainly a dish best served cold…

    And yes, I completely mixed my metaphors/cliches’/ etc etc there…

    Although MLB.TV and Roku are still being wonky, I managed to watch most of the game on Friday night–I was curious to see if things played out as I thought they would–Of course my fondest wish would have been for everyone to completely ignore Manny and act like he was a no body–but, knowing Red Sox Nation as I do, we just can’t help ourselves–we need to do SOMETHING…

    And, for the most part they did: there were boos and cheers, and Manny ignored it all…But, to me, it felt like more than just his normal obliviousness–It felt active and intentional, sort of like “I know you are here, and no matter what you do, I am going to ignore you–la la la….”

    Whatever Manny–you went 5-12 with a homer this weekend, but your team still got swept, and now you’re gone, and know I don’t have to think about you anymore…

    But what we can think about is the fact that the Sox are now ONE GAME behind the Skanks in the division, tied with Tampa Bay for 2nd place, AND leave this homestand with an 8-1 record–which is a thing of beauty…

    Also a thing of beauty is the pitching performance by That Clay Person last night, for his 10th win of the season. Despite walking 3 and hitting 2, he blanked the Dodgers for 6 2/3 strong innings, throwing 106 pitches, 60 for strikes, and only giving up 3 hits, and striking out 4.

    So Daisuke got a “rest” and will be making his next start on Thursday against the Rockies, after a successful 49 pitch simulated 3-innings over the weekend–How nice for him–and Thursday had better be the game of his life…but I am not holding my breath…

    JD Drew, who came up lame after making a nice catch of a Manny liner on Friday night, had an MRI pm Saturday, which indicated no major damage, so everyone is hoping that the DL can be avoided–When it concerned JD Drew, I never assume it’ll turn out well–but I guess we should be grateful that he didn’t get kneed in the chest by Adrian Beltre….

    And what the hell was Roger Clemens doing at Fenway park….in the Monster Seats…without an entourage (he actually had to buy his own soda and peanuts)…without vesting the clubhouse….without letting anyone know. On the night Manny Ramirez comes back to town? Maybe he thought people would be so absorbed in the Manny-ness that he wouldn’t get lynched? Apparently, it worked. He stayed until the 7th inning, signed about 100 autographs and left in 1 piece…I don’t know–but its just…WEIRD…

    Coming up: An off-day, while the Sox travel to Colorado to kick off their 6 game road trip (including 1 game in the middle of the night–but at least its on Friday), and the end of interleague play for the 2010 Campaign. Kicking off Game 1 of 3 is Jon Lester, opposed by Jhoulys (I have NO idea..) Chacin for the Rockies. 1st pitch: 8:40pm….

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    “I miss Jason Bay more than I miss Manny”*”

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      Boston Red ThoughtsRed Sox 2, Dodgers 0: ?I miss Jason Bay more than I miss Manny?* | Boston Red Thoughts

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