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  • Archive for May, 2010

    Red Sox 7, Skanks 6:
    Talk about pulling a win RIGHT out of their…

    It was surreal…I thought it was freaking Groundhog Day… Can I just tell you than I was rocking back and forth muttering “No, not Papelbon, no, not again, please, not again, it can’t happen again…” when the Sox brought him out in the 9th inning with a 2 run lead that the Sox offense scratched […]

    Red Sox 9, Skanks 11:
    The Hills are alive with the sound of F-Bombs…

    If you were at the Boston Red Thoughts home offices last night, and I had to pay you a quarter for every time you hear me say “The F Word” during last night’s game, you could probably retire from the 9th inning alone. The Sox got to Phil Hughes FOR 5 RUNS–the freaking Russian was […]

    Red Sox 1, Tigers 5:
    So, is this how it’s going to be?

    I think the season thus far can best be summed up with this haiku: Thirty-eight games played Is this as good as it gets? Ugh, this is AWFUL… John Lackey had a less than stellar outing yesterday, but the Sox could have still won, if the bats had contributed more than a measly run. Never […]

    Red Sox 2, Toronto 3:
    There are good strikeouts, and
    then there are bad strikeouts…

    And this game had plenty of both…Obviously, any strikeout accomplished by Red Sox pitching is a good one, the opposing team, bad….but this contest went a little further than that… Tim Wakefield, filling in for the ailing Josh Beckett, notched 5 strikeouts in his 7 strong innings of work. He also gave up 3 runs […]

    Red Sox 6, Toronto 1:
    I don’t know WHAT to think…

    So the Sox cannot beat the Skanks with any type of consistency, but the team they played immediately before and after this weekend’s debacle, they kick butt? And, Holy Buckets, Daisuke was, dare I say it? Brilliant? (GULP) Going 7 strong, throwing 106 pitches, 71 for strikes giving up only 1 run on 3 hits, […]

    Red Sox 11, Angels 6:
    Their very 1st sweep….

    Well, I really can’t say Daisuke pitched well enough for the win–but since the offense was great in this game, with 11 runs, 4 of them Victor Martinez’s fault, his outing was sufficient… Notice I said “sufficient”. ‘Cause there is ALWAYS one…bad…inning…the inning that causes me to fire up the blender for the Daisuke Daiquiri: […]

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