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  • May 27th, 2010

    Red Sox 11, Tampa Bay 3:
    Sweeping the Best Team in Baseball…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:14 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Turn around is fair play I guess. The Rays come to Fenway in April and Sweep the Sox, and the Sox return the favor this week…Yay! And, in case you were wondering, it’s the 1st time the Sox have swept Tampa Bay at home since 2002–way back when they were the Devil Rays, and sucked out loud…

    John Lackey had an effective, if pretty ugly outing, but came through when the Sox needed him for his 5th win. Throwing 115 pitches, 68 for strikes, John gave up 2 runs on 8 hits while waling 4 and striking out 1…

    And Adrian Beltre and Big Papi are on fire, each contributing to the offensive onslaught. Beltre with his massive night at the plate (6 RBI’s!), including a 3-run shot, a solo shot, and a triple. And Big Papi, with his 10th homer of the year, and 9th of this month…

    And beating Matt Garza and that ridiculous and strange chin growth is quite the beautiful thing–as a matter of fact, my friend Paul from Boston sent me an e-mail yesterday saying how he would like for Garza to be lit up in the 4th inning…and in the 3rd and 4th inning it happened…How cool is that? I asked him this morning to send me an e-mail saying the Sox would win the World Series…

    Now, while I am not thoroughly convinced all is right in the world–the Sox have a LONG way to go, and I think its going to be a long battle in the AL East, maybe even up to the last days of the season–they are definitely on the right track.

    But the ever present injuries ARE a concern: Jacoby Ellsbury, just reactivated from the DL over the weekend, has been out the last 2 days (1 was a scheduled day off) with some sort of inflammation around his healing ribs. His results will be sent back to Boston for review, and they will examine him today when he gets home, with the hopes that he doesn’t need to go back on the DL again…

    And because of this, Darnell McDonald actually BEAT the Designated for Assignment…er…assignment, and instead the SOX DFA’ed Scott Atchinson, who will just go back to Pawtucket–so, for now, Darnell is here to stay!

    And then there is the big toe of Victor Martinez, who can really only hit, because catching with a bad toe is impossible–unless he catches without his shoe…And since Big Papi is on fire, making him the DH isn’t really feasible–so he sat again last night…Let’s just hope he can catch again by Friday night, when Tim Wakefield starts–watching Jason Varitek catching Wake brings back memories of scariness that was 2004 ALCS–and make me want to drink Jack Daniels right out of the bottle…

    Also ailing is JD Drew, who, just to mix things up, has just about everything wrong with his leg (hip flexor, hamstring, and calf) this time, rather than his arm/elbow/shoulder, but has been playing through it, but got the night off last night…

    And (as if that isn’t enough) Josh Beckett is still working out, and will be throwing a side session tomorrow–he is eligible to come off the DL for his lower back strain a week today…still too early to tell if he will be ready, although everyone on the Sox is saying he will be-but what else are they supposed to say?

    Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to see Kevin Millar on the MLB Network yet (channel 213 on Direct TV), you really need to–he was on last night, and he was trying to explain about Miguel Tejada’s Spanish nickname–and massacring the heck out of it–it was hysterical–Just Kevin being Kevin, which is a riot!

    Coming up: The Sox head home for 7, starting with 4 against the Royals. Daisuke, coming off the best start of his Red Sox tenure, kicks off the series, opposed by Brian Bannister for KC. 1st pitch. 7:10pm…The way Daisuke rolls, I better start making the Daiquiris now!

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    Sweeping the Best Team in Baseball…”

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