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  • May 21st, 2010

    May 21, 2010:
    All-Star Voting…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:07 pm in Baseball,Red Sox Comments (6)

    So, every year every baseball fan gets 25 votes for the All-Star Game–per e-mail address–and really, who only has 1 e-mail address? Off the top of my head, I can think of at least SEVEN I have that I check at least once a week (more than 1 of them MANY times a day) So we fans have all these votes so that we can select the starters of the MLB All-Star team. Our voting rights gives us, in each league, 1 vote at each position, and 3 votes for the outfield, and because this year’s game is being played in an American League Park, we also get to vote for an American League DH.

    What if the player we want to vote for is a newbie, or did not make the ballot for some reason? No problem, there is a place at the bottom for you write in vote. So, if you think your CATS can play a better shortstop than, I don’t know, Julio Lugo? You can write that in as well…

    And yes, I DO happen to think Alex, Beltaine, or Salem can play a better SS than Julio Lugo, thankyouverymuch…

    So from now, until July 1st at 11:59pm EST, you can vote here, and then the winners will be announced on the special 4th of July Edition of the All-Star Game Selection Show on TBS…

    And then, of course, the All-Star game will be held this year on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010, hosted by The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, South America, United States, Paraguay–in Anaheim…

    All pretty straight forward right? Same thing as every year, vote for the players you want to see at the All-Star game, wash, rinse, and repeat 24 more times–blah blah blah…

    Not so fast…

    Just like about every other fan out there, I usually vote for Red Sox players, because I truly believe they are good enough and deserving enough to be there–for the most part…

    But this year it’s a bit different.

    For example: How can I vote for Mike Cameron when he has played like 9 games for the Sox? I have heard he was good, and if his past performance is any indication, he is. But since I have not seen enough of a body of work from him to make my own judgment–Nope, really can’t use up an outfield vote on him.

    And then there is Jacoby Ellsbury, who we all know is a game changer–and the standing could be different now if he hadn’t been kneed in the chest a week into the season–but does he get a vote based on what we expect would have happened? Sure, he’ll be back soon–but then do I base his performance on a month? What if he slumps for 3 weeks?

    And what about JD Drew? Its the same thing every year…comes up big sometimes, hurt more often than I like, and the Sox are paying WAY too much for what they get in return–just…Blah…

    How about Marco Scutaro? He’s not bad, a thousand times better than the aforementioned Julio Lugo–but is he All-Star?

    Adrian Beltre–UGH–the downgrade from Mike Lowell? Nope, he won’t be getting my 3rd Base vote…

    Victor Martinez: If I was basing my vote on his performance during the 2nd 1/2 of 2009, then it would be no contest. Based on is 2010 performance? Not so much…

    Over thinking things? Perhaps. They are only all-star votes–everyone gets a million and fifteen–but maybe my reluctance to cast an all-star vote is indicative of how I feel about the 2010 Red Sox at this time: Lukewarm.

    That being said, here are my votes:

    American League All Star Ballot

    **and here’s to hoping he is on fire when he comes back…

    And, I know, I know, for the 1st time in a long time, Big Papi is on the ballot as DH and I don’t vote for him. But my feeling is the person who is doing the best for the season, deserves to be there…

    Here are their stats, side by side:

    American League All Star DH Comparison

    Granted, probably all 4 stolen bases Vlad has are at the expense of the Red Sox, but all this other numbers? There is no comparison…

    Now, onto the National League, which was a bit harder for me, as I have less exposure to the players. Albert Pujols is obvious, as is Chase Utley, but the rest of them required some research to make my choices.

    And, for the record, I don’t care if Manny Ramirez bats .780 with 960 homers–I will never vote for him–being an All-Star should be an honor, and I don’t feel he has ever treated it as such, often using it as an excuse to scam more time from the Sox…

    National League All Star Ballot

    So that is how I voted for the 2010 All-Star Game-and no I did not utilize my 7+ e-mail addresses-actually, I voted about 5 times-maybe I’ll do a few more, but I don’t have the time-and frankly, don’t care THAT much, to vote 175 times.

    And it’s not going to matter anyway, ’cause freakin Joe Girardi is the AL manager, which means the roster will be STOCKED with Skanks…

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    All-Star Voting…”

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