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  • May 19th, 2010

    Red Sox 7, Skanks 6:
    Talk about pulling a win RIGHT out of their…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:47 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    It was surreal…I thought it was freaking Groundhog Day…

    Can I just tell you than I was rocking back and forth muttering “No, not Papelbon, no, not again, please, not again, it can’t happen again…” when the Sox brought him out in the 9th inning with a 2 run lead that the Sox offense scratched and clawed to get?

    I know he is the closer (unfortunately). But I was hoping he was tired, or maybe he threw too many pitches night before–but no, it only took him 19 (all fastballs, stupidly) pitches the nigh before to screw everything up…so here he was, once again with a 2-run lead, and I think I can speak for many: confidence was not high…

    And of course, it couldn’t be a clean inning–of course not. To also add to my misery/insanity was the fact that the game was freaking blacked out EVERYWHERE, I had to watch it on Gameday, which moves slower than my husband’s 93 year old grandmother…

    And then Marco Scutaro makes his 2nd error of the game–and gave the Skanks their THIRD unearned run for the contest–and an extra out…and of course Papelbon learned NOTHING from the debacle that was Monday night, with the exception of 2, yes TWO pitches, the rest of his outing (28 pitches!!) were ALL FASTBALLS…and the 2 off-speed pitches he threw, good things happened…

    And there are actually people out there that think it’s all better now because the Sox got a win, and Papelbon got the save, pretty much in spite of himself…


    The Sox are going to have to do alot more than last night for me to be impressed. Don’t get me wrong–I am VERY glad they won last night–and there were some good things happening, but they are still playing .500 baseball 1/4 of the way into the season, and the multitude of problems have not gone away…

    And the biggest one right now? WHAT is wrong with Josh Beckett?

    After being off for 11 days, most of them because of back spasms, he had to leave last night’s game in the 5th inning because of his back again. And even up to that point, it wasn’t a great outing. In his 4 2/3, he gave up 5 runs on 5 hits (including a home run–and 2 of the runs were unearned because of Scutaro’s 1st error of the evening….) while walking 3 and striking out 6.

    And then the Skanks were all mad, saying they did not know Josh was leaving the game with an injury, violating Rule 4.19, so they played the rest of the game under protest–and since the Sox won last night, they have 24 hours to lodge a formal complaint–and then if they actually won their protest, the score would revert to the 5-0 score it was when the alleged infraction occurred–and they would have to play the rest of the game again…. freaking whiny babies….If that is the way you want to do it, that is pretty sad…But, fortunately, a protest like this hasn’t been won since 1986…

    Good thing the Sox have Tim Wakefield, whom I think we will be seeing a lot more of in the starting rotation…Very good thing.

    Finally: Please file this under, W.T.F.Apparently Daisuke KNOWS why he keeps having the OBI (One Bad Inning)-and refuses to tell anyone WHY.He needs to go-NOW.

    Coming up: No more Skanks until August 6–over 2 months away–Yay! And the Sox head home for a quick 2 games with Minnesota. That Clay Person gets the start, opposed by Scott Baker for the Twins. 1st pitch 7:10pm…

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    Talk about pulling a win RIGHT out of their…”

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