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  • May 18th, 2010

    Red Sox 9, Skanks 11:
    The Hills are alive with the sound of F-Bombs…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:03 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    If you were at the Boston Red Thoughts home offices last night, and I had to pay you a quarter for every time you hear me say “The F Word” during last night’s game, you could probably retire from the 9th inning alone.

    The Sox got to Phil Hughes FOR 5 RUNS–the freaking Russian was cut, and the best #^@*&^#@*^@#*&^@ Daisuke could do was 4 2/3 innings of 9 hit SEVEN RUN baseball. Throwing 105 pitches, 63 for strikes he threw a wild pitch, walked and struck out 3…As always, it boils down to the ubiquitous ONE. BAD. INNING…

    And the Sox think Daisuke in the rotation over Tim Wakefield is the right call? Are you sure about that???

    The absolute worst thing about this game for me? Truly? The fact that Tim Wakefield, who pitched his heart out for 2 1/3 innings of 1 hit ball, and would have gotten his 1st win SINCE JULY OF LAST YEAR if it wasn’t for @#*&(*@&(*#& Jonathan Papelbon who couldn’t hold onto a freaking 2 RUN LEAD…and guess what? He is starting that exclusively throwing “fast balls my 12-year old could freaking hit” nonsense again. Recently he has been working on mixing up his pitches, and things have been going well for him–but last night, BOMC decides that throwing all fast balls would be a good idea…well, guess what? IT WASN’T

    And frankly, Jonathan’s Papelbon’s hollow platitudes are wearing thin–He is always running his mouth off about how he needs to “set the standard for closers” How so? The standard of suck?

    Cannot blame the offense tonight, who took at 5-0 deficit, and turned it into a 9-7 lead going into the 9th, courtesy of a 2-run homer by Kevin Youkilis, 2 solo homers by Victor Martinez, a 3-run shot by JD Drew that turned the game around, and Big Papi’s homer in the 4th…

    So now the Sox, at 39 games, are 19-20–under .500–and, in case you were wondering–the Sox haven’t been this bad at this point in 13 years…And I probably don’t need to mention that the Sox are 8.5 games behind Tampa Bay, and are in fourth place…

    I know I am yelling, but I am so disgusted right now I could spit…

    Looks like Mike Cameron is delayed–again. Supposed to be activated during this series, the Sox are holding him back for a couple of days. From Tito: “He’s just kind of tender. He’s done a lot of work. I think we just want to make sure when we bring him off (the DL), that he’s ready to play. I think putting our heads together, including Cam, we’re not quite there yet. He did some stuff at the ballpark today…He’ll do the same thing tomorrow. And we’ll possibly play him again on Wednesday, probably in [AA] Portland.” So, apparently, if they don’t walk on eggshells, he could tear the muscle and then surgery would be needed. Fine. So what was all the brouhaha that he was ready…and now all of a sudden he is not…

    The news was better for Jacoby Ellsbury, who made his 1st rehab start at Pawtucket last night, serving as their DH and went 1-3 with a walk, and RBI’s and scored 2 runs. He will be heading to AA Portland today, as the PawSox are on the road) and will get his 1st start in the outfield…No timetable has been announced for his return to the bigs–but let’s hope it’s soon

    I am happy to announce that Boston Red Thoughts is now a part of DailyBoxscores blog lineup, joining other Red Sox blogs as we talk about the Sox, and all that goes with it…Check them out!

    Finally, from our friends at eTrueSports: In the wake of a disastrous ninth inning blown save against the Yankees last night, Boston GM Theo Epstein announced the release of closer Jonathan Papelbon and the signing of former Red Sox starter Jim Lonborg to be the struggling team’s new closer. “I’m positive I’m doing the right thing,” explained Epstein. “I always am.” You can read more here…:

    Coming up: After 11 day off, Josh Beckett tries to right so many things–himself, this 2-game series, to avenge the heartbreaker that was last night’s game, and the hopes of a Nation. Yeah. Good Luck with that…he is opposed by, who else, CC Sabathia. As much as I hate to say it–and frankly, I cannot believe we have descended to this type of madness–but I am hoping for a reverse lock here…But one positive note: No Skanks after tonight until August 6th…Whoo Hoo!

    1st pitch: 7:05pm…

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 9, Skanks 11:
    The Hills are alive with the sound of F-Bombs…”

    1. Mo says:

      Well done…and well said

    2. DailyBoxscores.com » The Hills are alive with the sound of F-Bombs… says:

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