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  • May 13th, 2010

    Red Sox 2, Toronto 3:
    There are good strikeouts, and
    then there are bad strikeouts…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:42 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    And this game had plenty of both…Obviously, any strikeout accomplished by Red Sox pitching is a good one, the opposing team, bad….but this contest went a little further than that…

    Tim Wakefield, filling in for the ailing Josh Beckett, notched 5 strikeouts in his 7 strong innings of work. He also gave up 3 runs on 3 hits (including a 2-run shot by Travis Snider, who was responsible for all 3 Toronto runs) while walking 1 and throwing a wild pitch…

    But when he struck out Vernon Wells to end the 4th inning, it was a very good strikeout–because it was the 2,000 time he had done it in his career…and yes, he struck him out with a knuckleball…Wake is now the 64th pitcher to reach the milestone–and the 4th in active play (the others are Jamie Moyer, Andy Pettitte, and, of all people, Javier Vasquez, which totally boggles my mind…)

    Two.Thousand.Strikeouts….Lets break this down for a minute:

    If Tim Wakefield averaged 5 strikeouts per game, he would have to have made 400 appearances to hit this milestone–and remember, for far too many years Wake shuttled from the bullpen to a starter, only being a full time starter since the new Sox regime took over in 2002–and since he is now doing the shuttling thing again–I can only say–it was good while it lasted….

    But I digress…400 appearances, averaging 5 strikeouts per would get the job done. And how many games HAS Tim Wakefield pitched in? Glad you asked: 570 games, of which he has started 426 of them…WOW…Tim Wakefield has probably thrown over 50,000 pitches in his life…Holy Buckets!

    And now to the bad strikeouts. Of course we never want our players to strikeout–and some of them do it more than others (hell, some have elevated it to an art form). But when the home plate umpire is getting more wrong than he is getting right (check out this analysis here (LINK) its pretty eye opening), and it potentially caused a loss (rather than based on the play of the, I don’t know, PLAYERS), then its complete and utter bullsh*t…

    Case in point–the 9th inning at bat for David Ortiz–the called 3rd strike was clearly outside, which prompted Tito to come out and question it, and then the next batter was Adrian Beltre who had what was clearly a checked swing called a strike, which prompting Tito to come out of the dugout AGAIN, which lead to his ejection…And you know as well as I do, Tito VERY rarely gets thrown out of a game, and to come out an argue 2 batters in a row, you know something had to be up…

    And it’s interesting to note that if the players/managers/etc complains about an ump after the game, they risk being fined. I wonder if Dustin Pedroia will be penalized for his “… (The umpires) must have had a flight. I’m actually going to check on that. If they had a flight, we’re going to make sure it was delayed. Because I can do that. I have that kind of pull around here.” comment…

    Coming up: Off today, as the Sox travel to Detroit to face the Tigers for the 1st time this season. That Clay Person gets the start to kick off this 3 game series, opposed by Max Scherzer. 1st pitch 7:05pm.

    And this is the 1st time the Sox will see Johnny Damon not in a Skankee uniform–but what I am interested to see is when he returns to Fenway at the end of July what will happen? Will he now be applauded? I hope not–nothing had changed–he still lied to the fans, he is still disingenuous, he is still a Scott Boras player–through and through…

    One Response to “Red Sox 2, Toronto 3:
    There are good strikeouts, and
    then there are bad strikeouts…”

    1. eric johnson says:

      Huge golf fan here. Thanks for the post. I’m going to bookmark your blog and check back often.

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