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  • May 6th, 2010

    Red Sox 3, Angels 1:
    What Pressure?

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:52 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Did not watch much of this game, but I made sure I was on hand to catch the Nomar ceremony–and, yes, it did get a bit dusty at the Home Offices of Boston Red Thoughts. Given seats #5 and 6, and a watch, and throwing out the 1st pitch, here is what Nomar said: “First of all, I can’t think the Red Sox organization enough for having a day and bringing me back here where I belong. I have so many great friends here in that dugout that you cheer for every day. … I get to tell a Nation and my family thank you and I love you.” Also on hand were former teammates Trot Nixon, Brian Daubach, and Lou Merloni…

    AND, in case you have never heard the explanation for Nomar’s routine at the plate: “It’s funny. When I actually explain, it’s kind of boring…I liked everything just tight. It started with my feet. So because of the toes, I like my toes at the end of my shoes, just to get them nice and tight, just that feeling before I exerted any energy. So that’s why I was tapping my toes. There’s no set number…I wasn’t thinking; I was just doing. It was just more feeling. I played this game on feeling. Now I had something on my hands, so the same thing. I had to have my fingers at the end of my gloves, like if I had shoes on my toes. Same feeling. I was really just pulling them down to get my fingers toward the end of the glove. So I don’t know how many times. I was thinking more about probably the next pitch or the pitcher, what I was going to do at the at bat as I was doing that. It was just a feel.”

    So all this brouhaha about John Lackey facing the only team he ever played for, was much ado about nothing…This was another great start, going 7 strong, and giving up the only run the Angels managed to score off the Sox in last night’s contest. Throwing 103 pitches, 60 for strikes, Lackey allowed only 2 hits (1 the homer by Brandon Wood), while walking 2, hitting a batter, and striking out 4…

    And Shockingly, Jonathan Papelbon pitched another drama-less night for the second time in a row, for his 8th save of the season…

    AND another stellar outing for Daniel Bard–a perfect 8th inning with 2 strikeouts…

    Big Papi did well in the contest, with his 4th homer of the season, and going 2-3…Now, if he could just do that a bit more consistently…I just CANNOT sit through another 2-3 months of the PAINFULNESS that was David Ortiz at the beginning of last season. Fortunately, this year, the Sox have Mike Lowell, who is swinging a great bat right now with a .317 average, one homer, and 5 doubles…

    Forgotten Man Update: Looks like Jed Lowrie is getting better, although live games are still about a month away…From Tito: “…He’s turned the corner on the fatigue. He’s just got to get his strength back. That was a lot of sitting. I think the goal would be playing in games in about four weeks….I think it’s good to give him something to shoot for and again, there’s no specific timetable but I think hopefully that’s somewhat realistic.” Not sure who motivating that is–a week yes, 2 weeks, probably, but saying to someone “If all goes as it should, you may be ready to take the step in a MONTH” Not feeling it…

    Finally, if you missed Boston Red Thought’s Podcast Debut on BBA Baseball Talk on Tuesday night, you can catch it here… Also part of this great podcast was BBA founder Daniel Shoptaw, of C70 At The Bat and Peter Schiller, Baseball Reflections. Enjoy!

    Coming up: Get the Jack Daniels/Maalox Smoothies ready! Daisuke and his 11.57 ERA make his 2nd start of the 2010 campaign, as the Sox go for the 4 game sweep against the Wingless Angels–Hopefully Daisuke improves, not sure he could be any worse…He is opposed by Scott Kazmir, which means Mike Lowell will more than likely be doing the DH thing–Yay! 1st pitch 7:10.

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