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  • Archive for May, 2010

    Red Sox 3, KC 4:
    Was this REALLY all that surprising???

    EIGHT WALKS….in 4 2/3 innings….8…freaking…walks…including 5 walks in 1 inning, and walking home the run that pretty much decided the game…All of this, after a 1-hitter 5 days ago… The rest of the nasty line: 112- pitches (Ironically, the same the threw in his brilliant outing on Saturday), 60 for strikes, giving up 3 runs […]

    Red Sox 11, Tampa Bay 3:
    Sweeping the Best Team in Baseball…

    Turn around is fair play I guess. The Rays come to Fenway in April and Sweep the Sox, and the Sox return the favor this week…Yay! And, in case you were wondering, it’s the 1st time the Sox have swept Tampa Bay at home since 2002–way back when they were the Devil Rays, and sucked […]

    Red Sox 6, Tampa Bay 1
    No, that is not a misprint…

    Another great outing from That Clay Person. If this keeps up, I’ll need to give him a better nickname… Throwing 108 pitches, 69 for strikes, Clay went 6 strong innings of 1 run ball on 6 hits–the only run coming from a solo shot by Carlos Pena. He also walked 1 and struck out 8, […]

    Red Sox 8, Phillies 3:
    Win # 190 for Wake!

    And his First Win since July of LAST year….Yay! And it was a doozy! 8 brilliant innings of shutout 5 hit ball, with a strikeout and 2 walks. Tim Wakefield threw 102 pitches, 68 for strikes–and what makes it even better is that he beat one of the best pitchers in the game: Doc Halladay, […]

    May 21, 2010:
    All-Star Voting…

    So, every year every baseball fan gets 25 votes for the All-Star Game–per e-mail address–and really, who only has 1 e-mail address? Off the top of my head, I can think of at least SEVEN I have that I check at least once a week (more than 1 of them MANY times a day) So […]

    Red Sox 3, Twins 2:

    THIS kind of performance from That Clay Person is what Red Sox Nation has been waiting for years to see. Consistent, ice water in the veins, getting the job done kind of pitching…Getting his 5th win, which is more than anyone else in the starting 5 has, he pitched 8+ innings, throwing 104 pitches, 68 […]

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