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  • Archive for April, 2010

    Red Sox 0, Twins 8:
    WAY too many black dots…

    So the Sox have played 9 games, 3 series (1 at home and 2 on the road) and have had 437 days off (ok, only 3–but that is PLENTY) and their not so sparkling record, as of today? 4-5…UGH It’s probably a good thing my show opened this weekend and that all of the games […]

    Red Sox 8, KC 6:
    Winning a Road Series…

    Good thing That Clay Person actually pitched a decent (if kinda short) game–5 innings, throwing 94 pitches, 59 for strikes and only giving up 3 runs (2 earned) while walking 2, and striking out 1–getting his 1st win in his 1st start of the 2010 campaign And it’s a good thing the offense kept up […]

    Product Review:
    Out of the Park Baseball 11

    A couple of weeks ago, the award-winning Out of The Park Developments contacted the BBA, to see if any of us would be interested in reviewing a copy of the latest and greatest version of Out of The Park Baseball–Version 11. So I signed up, and downloaded my copy over the weekend. We were asked […]

    Red Sox 1, Skankees 3, In 10:
    #&@^#*&@^#*&@^#*& Papelbon…

    As I was at rehearsal last night, I didn’t get to watch any of this game–but maybe that was a good thing. Ya know, If Jonathan Papelbon mouthed off all the time about how he needed to “set the standard” AND got the job done, while it would still be distasteful, but at least it […]

    Red Sox 4, Skanks 6:
    Well, We knew they would not win them all…

    So now, I guess it’s all over, since the Skanks won a game, we should just give the World Series trophy to them now huh? Seriously, this is the mentality of some Skankee fans, as unfathomable as it is… Doesn’t it always feel like a shortstop error contributes to a loss? It does to me…Now, […]

    Red Sox 9, Skankees 7:
    One Down, 161 to Go…

    Yay! The Red Sox Won! Yay! The Red Sox Won! Ahem….sorry… Its funny, but within 5 minutes of watching last night’s game, It was like there was never any 6 month hiatus–all the drama and the angst were all back, in full force Probably not helped by the fact that I had to watch the […]

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