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  • April 30th, 2010

    April 30, 2010:
    Have I ever mentioned I hate off-days?

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:34 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    I guess being a part-timer agrees with him. So far in 2010 Jason Varitek, who has started in 7 games, and come off the bench in 2 is hitting .323 with 8 RBI’s, 2 homers and 4 doubles. But anyone who gets the crazy-ass idea that he needs to be the regular guy again, especially in light of Victor Martinez’s less than stellar start as the starting catcher (batting .247, including 8, yes EIGHT GIDP’s (The most in the AL–how lovely) and only throwing out 2 of the 29 base stealers he has dealt with), think again. The reason ‘Tek is doing so well is he is not getting beat up all day every day…So while I think Jason Varitek is still an asset to the Boston Red Sox as a player and as their captain—he is no longer an everyday player…

    But how smart does the front office look after declining to sign Victor Martinez to a contract extension? At least so far, anyway…

    Lars Anderson, one of the potential phenoms in the Red Sox Organization (ranked #4 by Baseball America) was promoted to Pawtucket this week, after kicking off his season at AA Portland where he was hitting .355 with 5 doubles and 5 homers. Could we possibly see the 1st baseman at some point this season?

    So, on the list of Most Hated Teams in Baseball, the Sox come in 2nd, but the team ranked #1 isn’t who you think. (The Skanks ranked 5th): It’s the Cleveland Indians. Huh? I personally like Cleveland (and they are my Dad’s team) but I didn’t think they even blipped on most people’s radar… Apparently there is some formula that Nielsen uses that calculates love or hatred of a team based on positive, negative or neutral reactions to brands in their online messages, called “Sentiment Ratings”. Huh? So, I guess you are wondering who are the most popular teams? The Giants and Oakland. Huh?

    Sadly, tonight marks Tim Wakefield’s return to the bullpen, for the 1st time in regular season play since 2004. CRAP…

    Coming up: The Sox take on the Baltimore Oreos for the 2nd time this week, but this time at Camden Yards. John Lackey kicks off the 3 games series, going for his 3rd win, opposed by David Hernandez for the Cookies. 1st pitch: 7:05pm…Dare I say it? Could the Sox possibly go 6-6 on this road trip? Could happen, as the Oreos still haven’t won 5 games yet this year. But then again, since I voiced the thought, probably not…

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