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  • April 22nd, 2010

    Book Review:
    ’78: The Boston Red Sox, A Historic Game,
    and a Divided City by Bill Reynolds.

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:01 am in Baseball,Book Reviews,Red Sox No Comments

    Any Red Sox Fan worth their weight is painfully aware of how the 1978 Red Sox campaign went: 14 games ahead of the Yankees 1/2 way through the season, and, 8 games ahead of 2nd place Milwaukee (who was in the AL at the time).. Of course, this was before the Wild Card, so being in such an excellent position at this point in the season virtually guaranteed the Sox the AL East Title.

    But, this was baseball, where anything could happen (and usually does) and these were the Boston Red Sox prior to 2004, who could get really close, but never close enough. And then the swoon came, and the injuries, then the complete turnaround of the floundering Yankees, which turned that huge lead into to a dead tie on the last day of the season. So on October 2, 1978, a winner take all battle took place that, to this day, causes pain to Red Sox fans young and old.

    Written by Bill Reynolds, an award-winning columnist for the Providence Journal, ’78: The Boston Red Sox, A Historic Game, and a Divided City chronicles this battle, but not only from the baseball perspective (although there is plenty of that), but against the backdrop of the racial and class tensions that were THE issue in Boston during the decade. Only a few years before, Boston had starting busing students, to support court-ordered school desegregation, and the turmoil, demonstrations and rioting were still alive and well.

    Well-researched and written, the reader really gets a sense of the atmosphere of what it was like to live and play in Boston–for people of all social classes, colors, and nationalities.

    If your interested in Red Sox and this tumultuous time in Boston history, then ’78 is a book you need to read…You can buy it here


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