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  • March 24th, 2010

    Red Sox 2, Twins 7:
    Are the Sox EVER going to win again?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:20 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Holy…Buckets! What is that? 3 losses in a row? And the Sox have lost their last 8 games out of 9 played…WTF???

    That Clay Person being inconsistent, getting lit up one moment, being brilliant the next? No change there–but, while the flashes of brilliance are very compelling, (and I am not even talking about the no hitter in 2007) how much longer does everyone wait around for him to straighten out and be more reliable?

    And how about this line: 1.2 innings, throwing 60 pitches (31 for strikes) in the span, giving up 6 runs (5 earned) on 4 hits, while walking 3 and striking out 2. And lets not forget the THREE wild pitches and the hit batter in his 5 outs worth of work…which takes his ERA to a horrendous 10.80.

    And what makes it even more nauseating, is that freaking Carl Pavano, fresh off 498 days of rest, shut the Sox down, throwing 5 innings of 2-hit baseball while walking 1 and striking out one…Oh, and HIS ERA? Glad you asked: 2.00…


    And then to top off a perfectly AWFUL day, Dustin Pedroia sprains his wrist trying to make a play in the 1st inning, and had to be removed from the game. More form Tito: “It was the back of his wrist. He had limited swelling. We’re going to get him X-rayed in the morning, just because we should…I don’t think there’s a problem. He might be a little sore tomorrow. Hopefully that’s all it is.” CRAP… Wrist injuries make me VERY nervous (read: Nomar, Jed Lowrie, et al) I hurt my wrist FIVE years ago, and to this day, if I move it the wrong way, or use it too much, it ACHES…..CRAP….

    So that bring the Sox to 11-9 for the Grapefruit Season, and 3-2 against the Twins for the Major Cup–and they still have 2 more games to play against the Twins….

    Well, that should make things easier: Ramon A (the new RR) has been optioned to Pawtucket, so now we just have to keep track of 1 RR, Ramon S, also known as part of the Demonic Bullpen Tandem…Other players getting the call to Pawtucket are Michael Bowden, and Aaron Bates. Jose Sosa has been reassigned to minor league camp. With these moves, the Sox are down to 40, including 8 non-roster invitees–this number will be at 25 when they break next week…

    Alan Embree will make the 2010 version of his Red Sox debut in a minor league game today. This will be the 1st item he has throw at live batters since having his leg broken by a line drive in July of 2009. I really hope he does well–I always liked Embree, when he was pitching well…when he wasn’t he made me want to throw things at the TV…

    So Johnny Damon is going to wear his Red Sox World Series ring, now that he is no longer playing for the Skanks… Uh….SO????? And better yet, now he is going to wear BOTH his Sox and Skankee rings because “There aren’t too many guys with rings from each team.” No, Johnny, there wouldn’t be…So I guess we are all supposed to get warm and fuzzy over this? Think again…

    Coming up: The Sox head to Bradenton to once gain play the Pirates, with John Beckett making his 4th start of the season, and once again getting the start against the Bucs. Looks like Mike Lowell will be back at 1st base fro the contest. 1st pitch 1:05pm–can we get a win this time? Just to mix it up?

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