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  • March 9th, 2010

    March 9, 2010:
    Still Need Tickets?

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:26 pm in Baseball,Red Sox,Tickets Comments (4)

    Despite the fact that I sat down at my computer not once but TWICE this off season to try and purchase Red Sox Tickets at Fenway Park, I have had no luck securing even a lousy pair. And the 2nd opportunity, as a result of the ticket raffle, was SUPPOSEDLY narrowing the field, so I would actually HAVE a chance…Yeah, sure, right…

    Sadly enough, I could go and see them just about any other venue, and would not have any problems. But when Fenway Park is the place to be–why would I want to go anywhere else? And, before you ask, The Stadium is completely out of the question…Yuk!

    So here are my options if I want Sox tickets at Fenway:

    Driving 6 hours to stand for 3 (Standing Room Only) Not happening…

    Doing the obstructed view thing–which I have done already, and got a crick in my back from leaning over to see home plate, which was obstructed by the POST 3 feet in front of me. The thing about obstructed view is that you never really know HOW obstructed your view is going to be–until you chunk out the money and get the the park…

    Going myself, or going with someone–and not sitting anywhere near them–which, again, I am not going to drive 6 hours to do….

    Showing up at the Box Office day of and seeing if there is anything available–and if there’s not–then what? Back to the hotel to watch it on TV?

    Buying from a scalper–which is not only illegal, but paying $100.00 for a $28.00 bleacher seat is just not going to happen…

    OR, the option I should have went with in the 1st place: A Ticket Vendor Online…

    So I went to Online Seats, an independently owned ticket agency, licensed in the state of Illinois. And Holy Buckets, did they have seats of tons of dates, and tons of location–even Red Sox/Yankee games, and while the prices are above face value, they are more reasonable than you think…

    Specializing in selling premium seats and tickets for sold out events (and Fenway would certainly apply), Online seats has a staff with of over 33 years of experience in the event ticketing industry, to help you find those “gotta have” seats.

    And not only do they do sports ticketing of every type imaginable, they also sell all types of theater tickets for Las Vegas and Broadway shows among others…

    So if you could not get tickets to Fenway, have a golf fan in your life who would LOVE tickets to The Masters, or want to finally see The Lion King on Broadway, Online Seats has what you are looking for–Check them out!

    Good Luck–and Happy Ticketing!

    4 Responses to “March 9, 2010:
    Still Need Tickets?”

    1. Muffy says:

      I feel your pain! Perhaps the ONLY good thing about living in Arizona, and paying outrageous prices to see the D-Backs flub, is the ability to get tickets–GOOD tickets–to a BoSox game every 4 years or so.
      I actually like interleague play, if only for the fact that my beloved Red Sox will play the “local” team. OK, it’s still 200 miles..out here that’s nothing! And, the last time the Sox visited, it coincided with my birthday, and Randy Johnson faced Dice-K. THAT’S a present!
      Thanks for the info on OnLine Seats. Never heard of them before, but have been using a similar setup (can I mention StubHub?). Those sort of places are a godsend. I’ve never had a problem with the system I use, and would recommend it to anyone.

      GO REDSOX!

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