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  • March 3rd, 2010

    March 3, 2010:
    Happy 1st Day of Baseball Games!

    Posted by Christine E. at 2:08 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (4)

    More random thoughts as I sit in the Virtual Waiting Room…

    Yay!  The day we have all been waiting for…the Red Sox officially kick off the 2010 Campaign with 2 games against Boston College Teams, one at 1:05pm, started by phenom in The making Casey Kelly, who, at 20, will be younger than some of the college kids he will pitch to and one at 6:05 pm, started by Boof “Yes-I-legally-changed-my-name-to-…Boof”  Bonser, who has pitched in the bigs since 2008, because he has been rehabbing from shoulder surgery…

    Tim Wakefield has alot of fans–myself included–but yesterday, he had a very special fan who spent some time with him–an 18 year old Japanese girl who hopes to be the 1st woman to play professional baseball in Japan–by throwing the knuckleball…Eri Yoshida spent time in the morning watching Wake throw his side session, and then had the opportunity to
    have a throwing session of her own, under the watchful eye of her mentor:  “I’m impressed. She spun a couple, but for the most part, it was very good. She was able to take the spin out of a lot of them and they had quite a lot of movement on them…It’s an honor to have somebody carry on a knuckleball tradition, and somebody that’s doing it because she likes what I do…But for her to come all the way to Fort Myers and watch me throw, it was an honor for me to just talk to her and give her some tips.”  And I dare anyone one to say there is a nicer guy man in all of baseball…

    OK, I know JD Drew hits pretty well/and consistently gets on base.  I also know he has come up pretty big in some pretty key areas (The Grand Slam in the 2007 ALCS comes to mind)  But lets not get ahead of ourselves here–he is no Big Papi or Manny Ramirez, he is a solid #6 or #7 hitter…MAYBE a 5 sometimes…But #4?  C’mon…I don’t think so…

    So Adrian Gonzales want Mark Toxemia money ($180 million/8 years). And this is a surprise WHY?  He will be 29 when his current deal ends next year–and he is certainly the type of player to build a franchise on, so why not? Now, whether he will get that type of money remains to be seen–it all depends on the market, and what he does up to that point…Will be interesting to watch–and will also be interesting to see how involved the Sox get…

    Looks like Rocco Baldelli will not be playing this yerar, returning to Tampa Bay as a Special Assistant.  Still recovering from shoulder problems, he really cannot play at this point anyway.  Coupled with the fact that his channelopathy makes everything harder to come back from, it’s probably going to be a while…But Rocco doesn’t consider this to be the end:  “I don’t think I’m ready to retire, I’m only 28 years old. But at this point I can’t really do what I want to do on the field. I wasn’t comfortable going to spring training this year, because I wouldn’t be able to perform.”  Right now he is working with minor leaguers as part of his Special Assistant duties…

    Looks like Mike Cameron is on the mend, taking batting practice and easing back into baseball activities.  Look for him to make his 1st start sometime this weekend…

    So Johnny Damon wants everyone to like him now, because he no longer plays for the Skanks…You really don’t get it, do you Johnny?  The reason we were made (at least for me anyway) was your adamant declarations that you would never play for the Skanks–and then you go and play for the Skanks…and then start talking about how the Skanks are the best team ever…THAT is why I don’t like you. Johnny…and I don’t care if you play for the San Diego Grandma league, I am still not going to like you…I’m just going to be glad I don’t have to see your mug 19 times a year…

    Thanks so much to stupid Dan for his article (http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2010/03/03/getting_into_a_sensitive_area/) on Adrian Beltre’s decision not to wear a cup-and his ripped testicle as a result…my life is now fulfilled…UGH…

    Coming up: The Sox continue their 1st game of the season, vs Northeastern University. At the top of the 3rd, the Sox lead 3-0, as they just scored 3 in the bottom of the 2nd…

    And it looks like always a virtual waiting room, never a ticket buyer this year, because my hour is almost up, and so is my chance to buy Tickets….CRAP…

    UPDATE:  I did manage to get to the ticket buying screens on all of the Octover Skankee games–and after pressing the “continue” button like a BILLION times–the best I coudl do was Standing Room only–thanks, but no thanks…Not driving 6 hours to stand for 3…

    4 Responses to “March 3, 2010:
    Happy 1st Day of Baseball Games!”

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