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  • March 1st, 2010

    March 1, 2010: 2…More…Days…

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:14 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    After what has seemed to be like a BILLION Years (OK, it was only 5 months–but it FELT like a billion years) There will be baseball in less than 48 hours. Yay!

    And here are the starting rotations for the upcoming contests:

    March 3rd: Opening Day at City of Palms Park (and the last Opening day on this field)

    1:05 pm against Northeastern University–Starter: Casey Kelly

    6:05 pm against Boston College–Starter: Boof Bonser

    March 4th: 1st Office Grapefruit League Game, as well as 1st Game for the Mayor Cup, at City of Palms

    7:05pm against the Twins–Starter: Josh Beckett

    March 5th: 1st Away Game (Lee County Stadium) and 2nd Mayor Cup Game

    1:05 pm against the Twins–Starter: Jon Lester, then Tim Wakefield will pitch after Lester. And no, this is not an indication of Wake being moved to the bullpen–it’s just preferable than having Wake sit on a bus for hours on an away game, with his bad back, to pitch a couple of innings…

    March 6th: As if the Sox haven’t seen enough of the Twins already–it’s back to City of Palms for Game 3 of the Mayors Cup…

    1:05pm–Starter: John Lackey

    Also that Day, 1/2 of the team will travel to Port Charlotte

    1:05pm against Tampa Bay–Starter: Felix Doubrout (one of the many prospects in camp…)

    March 7th: The Sox head to Sarasota

    1:05pm against the Oreos–Starter: Clay Buchholz

    I’d better get my MLB.TV, so I can watch the available games on my new Roku…

    Hitting Coach Dave Magadan, after having to listen to all the “The Sox won’t have a good hitting team this year” nonsense, weighs in on David Ortiz: “David looks as good as I’ve seen since I’ve been here…last year and the year before — he came into camp and got a little pull happy and kind of lost his opposite-field stroke, and he kind of took that into the season…I think this year he’s realized that’s his bread and butter. He’s still got enough bat speed where when the ball is on the inside half of the plate, he’s going to be able to turn on it…” From his mouth to Big Papi’s bat–because I know think any of us what to live through the 1st 2 months of last year again…

    Holy Buckets! Mike Cameron has been in camp like, 15 minutes, and is already hurt. He has to leave yesterday’s workout with a tight left groin. While it seems like a minor thing, as he was tested and his strength and range of motion was OK, they are going to rest him for a couple of days. From Mike: I’ll be fine. If I had to play a game, I could play a game…It’s precautionary, we jumped on things quickly. It’s kind of good to sit back and let the body catch up with the mind and listen to it for a change.” I really REALLY hope this isn’t going to be a “thing” with him all season…

    Apparently Daisuke is coming along, playing catch at 150 feet–he must be going NUTS not being able to go out into the bullpen and thrown 391 pitches like he always wants to. But as a bullpen session is the next step, he’ll probably get a much shorter one sometime this week…

    Mike Lowell took some grounders at 1st base over the weekend, the 1st time he has worked that position since being a prospect with the Skanks in 1999. From all accounts he did very well at 1st, which isn’t super surprising, as he is a good fielder, and should be better than last year, being ever further removed from the hip surgery…

    And I guess it was bound to happen: Jacoby Ellsbury has gone over to the Darkside, which is pretty easy to do when Satan is your agent. In an interview this weekend, Jacoby basically said that he is not looking for any long term deals when the time comes (He is eligible for arbitration next year)

    Remember Dr. Bill Morgan? The form Sox Physician who stitched up Curt Schilling’s ankle in 2004? Well, he has voluntarily given up his medical license pending a state investigation into unspecified allegations…No further comments or info is available at this point. He was the team doctor from 2001-2004…

    OK, Jason Bay is now a Met, and he and the Sox have moved on…And we all know he was not happy with the contract offering in Boston–so he made his choice and went to the Mets. So why the rehash about the off-season he said/ they said crap? Is this really news? Its Spring Training folks, there is actual news to talk about now–we don’t need to talk about this anymore. Great. Thanks…

    Coming up: It may not be baseball that counts in the standing (unless you count the Mayor Cup thing with the Twins) but its games–and for the next month, it’ll do…

    2 Responses to “March 1, 2010: 2…More…Days…”

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      […] March 1, 2010: 2a Morea Daysa Posted by Christine E. at 6:14 pm in Baseball , Random Thoughts , Red Sox After what has seemed to be like a BILLION Years There will be baseball in less than 48 hours. […]

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