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  • Archive for February, 2010

    February 12, 2010:
    Happy Truck Day!

    The unofficial kick off to baseball season happened today–the massive truck filled to the brim with everything the Boston Red Sox need to spend the next 6 weeks in Fort Myers, Florida, departed from Fenway Park today at about 12 noon, and will travel the next 3 days to arrive at Camp by Monday morning. […]

    February 9, 2010:
    Single digit days remain until Baseball!

    Congrats to the Saints, BTW–not that it mattered to me one way or the other… But I did find out that their head coach was born and raised in the same town I was–which is pretty cool. But now that it’s all over, we can now focus on the important things: Baseball! The Sox released […]

    February 5, 2010:
    13 Days!

    In less than 2 weeks, Pitchers and Catchers from all over the world will converge on their appropriate Spring Training location to begin Major League Baseball: the 2010 Campaign…Yay! And while there will not be any meaningful baseball until April, knowing that the process has begun, indicates the light at the end of the tunnel… […]

    February 3, 2010:
    More This and That…

    This has to be the WORST part of the year. Not only is it about 17 degrees out, there is buptkus as far as anything going on in the baseball world. Every morning and evening, I do the round of sports pages, to see if anything interesting is going on. And Guess what? Zero, zilch, […]

    February 1, 2010:
    The Month Spring Training Begins!

    Well, that was a bust: No tickets for me this year. To be honest, I did not camp out in front of my computer all day this year, I checked in for a couple of hours in the morning, and then checked back in around 6ish, when I got into the ticket purchasing area fairly […]

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