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  • February 24th, 2010

    February 24, 2010:
    Breaking up is hard to do…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:10 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Holy…Buckets…Part of me almost wishes Mike Lowell WAS a jerk–because the completely classy behavior on his part is SO painful to watch….

    Not that I expected anything less from Mike Lowell–there isn’t a more gracious player in the game. I know baseball is a business, and I shouldn’t get too attached, but I think the Sox are making a HUGE mistake about Mike Lowell…

    Some highlights from Mike’s press conference yesterday: “I’m getting ready for a season. I think I’m pretty intelligent in a sense that there’s no real playing time for me here basically barring a major injury and I’m not really in the business of hoping somebody gets hurt so I can get at-bats. For me, I feel like I’m more prepared and ready for a full season than I was last year. So why shouldn’t I play more than I did last year? Whether it’s here or somewhere else? I can’t control that…I have to separate some things. I think there’s the baseball aspect of it and I think there’s (a) real life aspect of it and I’m very comfortable with where I am in my real life. You know what I mean? I feel I’m in a tremendously privileged situation. No one needs to feel sorry for me in life. Is my baseball situation not ideal? Yeah, it’s not ideal. I don’t want to diminish the baseball fact. But you never know what can happen…If I was on the trading block before, I can’t imagine that all of a sudden I’m not now… Have I enjoyed Boston? Of course I’ve enjoyed Boston….I love the fans…Part of my e-mails [from friends] are, ‘Check out the comments on this article.’ And I tell my wife to check it out, and she says, ‘You know how many people are really on your side in all this?’ I think they’ll be more emotional if Adrian Beltre starts off slow, and they’ll be much less emotional if Adrian Beltre starts off hot. That’s kind of the way it goes.”

    What is very telling is that the Sox have not mentioned one word to Mike about possibly playing as a bench player.–so it seems that unless there is a catastrophic injury to someone, Mike Lowell will not be breaking camp as a member of the Boston Red Sox


    Oh, and BTW, today is Mike’s 36th Birthday…

    Let me just say this: I love David Ortiz–I think he was a phenomenal player, and greatly responsible for bringing 2 World Series to Boston. I hope he will be a great player again. HOWEVER, the fact that he feels the fans “gave up on me too early” in 2009, after watching his horrible 1st 2 months of the season, I have to completely disagree. Every game I watched that Big Papi played in during that span was painful and horrible to watch–PAINFUL AND HORRIBLE–but I hoped at every at bat, or every time he would get a hit that it would mean he turned the corner, and that the “real” David Ortiz would be back. Unfortunately, it was more of the same, for 2…long…months–but I NEVER booed him–ever…

    I reallyREALLY hope he turns it around and is back to his former brilliance this year–and by all accounts, he is in better shape than he has been in a while–but what if he’s not? What if he is worse? His slump goes 3 or months? When is “giving up” OK? 6 months? Never? I hope we don’t have to answer that question in 2010…

    The Sox completed their 1st full squad training today, with more of the same tomorrow–and then next week, some actual games…Whoo Hoo!

    So Manny is telling everyone that this is his last year in LA? So what happens next year when he wants another ridiculous contract, and the only suckers takers are the Dodgers? Or, perhaps he will retire. And, if I had ANY regrets about him leaving the Sox (I didn’t but…) this would have ended those–maybe it will do the same for the whiners who are still upset Manny is gone: “It’s been great. I wish I could have been there (LA) a long time ago. It’s a great city and I had a blast there. I’m just happy the way they received me out there. It was unbelievable.” Yeah, Manny, cause the fans in Boston treated you like crap…..

    Finally, BBA Founder, Daniel Shoptaw is doing a series, “Get To Know The BBA”, so Daniel and I sat down recently to talk about the 41st Blog of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance–Boston Red Thoughts. Check it out!

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