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  • February 22nd, 2010

    February 22, 2010:
    Happy Position Players Reporting Day!

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:57 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    By the end of today, everyone who will comprise the Boston Red Sox (at least for the time being) will be in Fort Myers, as today is the deadline for everyone who is not a pitcher or a catcher to report.

    So, Josh Beckett has stated that he will not talk about his contract expiration, or anything having to do with contracts: “That stuff is going to work itself out…I don’t really have anything to say about contract stuff today or probably any time during Spring Training. I definitely don’t want to let that be the focus of what I’m trying to do.” And do you really think that is going to stop and CONSTANT AND OBSESSIVE ruminations about Josh Beckett’s contract status? Not…a…chance…

    And maybe if Tito and Tim Wakefield say it often enough, people with STOP IT with the “Is Tim Wakefield going to the bullpen” nonsense? Probably the same answer as above. And update from Wake, who is doing all baseball activities, with the exception of the conditioning run–and that is only for precautionary reasons–heck, the guy just had back surgery a few month ago:

    “It was a hard winter for me, going to therapy five days a week, but my therapist in Florida did a great job getting me back to normalcy…Being on the field…everything feels good. I was able to cover first and run around and throwing off the bullpen mounds. Everything feels great. No hiccups. Hopefully I can continue spring training on that same path.” Wake needs 18 wins to surpass Cy Young and Fatboy Roger as the winningest pitcher in Red Sox History…

    Speaking of backs, Daisuke played catch over the weekend, currently at 60 fit of tossing, trying to rehab his sore upper back…

    20 year old phenom Jose Iglesias, the shortstop from Cuba that everyone is RAVING about, really IS all that and a bag of chips. From Dustin Pedroia: “I watched him take ground balls the other day and he’s incredible. I had heard about him and read about him and he’s what everybody said. His hands are really good. He’ll get stronger, too. He’s only 20. He has a strong arm, too. He’s going to be a player. Those are some of the best hands I have ever seen.” I cannot WAIT to see him play…

    Nothing like waiting until the last minute: Johnny Damon FINALLY has a job, signing a 1-year, $8 million contract with Detroit over the weekend, which is ALOT less than he expected to–he was looking for 2 years in the $22 million range from the Skanks..HA HA…And I love how he is now saying he wanted to sign with the Tigers 5-years ago–what a slime ball. And it will be interesting to see how he is greeted when he returns to Fenway as a Tiger–my feeling is, he is still the same Skeezy Bastard who said he would never sign with the Skanks–and then signed with the Skanks…

    Finally, I cancelled my MLB Extra Innings from Direct TV today–and will be ordering my MLB TV (which I can play on my Roku) very shortly. Apparently, I can also get Spring Training games, and they archive stuff which I can access as well. It’s cheaper than Extra Innings, so let’s hope the savings is worth it–I’ll keep you posted…

    Coming up: Physicals, meetings and the like, and then the 1st full squad workout on Wednesday–and THEN, in a little more than a week, there will be BASEBALL! Whooo Hoo!

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    Happy Position Players Reporting Day!”

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