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  • February 18th, 2010

    February 18, 2010:
    Happy Pitchers and Catchers!

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:15 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Whoo Hoo! Feel like its warmer already! Yeah, I know it’s in my head, since it’s about 22 degrees here–but some springtime delusion is never a bad thing…

    Today is the deadline for all Pitchers and Catchers to report to Fort Myers (or wherever all the other teams make their Spring Training homes). And, so far, no drama or lateness, as the last pitcher that needed to arrive, John Lackey, arrived yesterday afternoon. Physicals and the like are tomorrow, with the 1st official workout on Saturday.

    And its only 4 more days until the remainder of the team needs to report, although a number of them have already arrived…

    Of course, as camp starts, one of the big stories will be how Mike Lowell will handle the awkwardness of the “you wanted to trade me, but you couldn’t” stuff. I think he will handle it with all the grace and class we have come to expect from Mike Lowell: I’m looking forward to getting ready for a season. I understand that there’s a little bit of a gray area in what’s going to happen in my situation. But that doesn’t take away my excitement…I still have the itch and want to get on the field, and most of all I like hanging out with the guys I go to the field with. There’s a lot for me to look forward to. I’m going into this with a good attitude and being upbeat. We’ll see where all of this takes me.” As part of his rehab, Mike has started throwing, but the timetable for picking up a bat is still up in the air…

    Speaking of up in the air–when Daisuke will resume workouts is still to be decided, although the general consensus seems to be that perhaps he was a little too aggressive in previous workouts, and that may have contributed to his mild back strain…From Theo: (Daisuke) played catch on Friday and was thinking about throwing a pen and said he felt it a little bit in his mid upper back and decided not to throw the pen. Our trainers took a look and we just decided, `Hey, let’s slow this down and do it conservatively.”

    So…How many times will Tito have to say that Tim Wakefield is a starter before it sinks in, and people stop asking? Just curious…

    After hearing that the cubs actually hold presales for their tickets–and charge people 15-20% ABOVE the ticket value to participate–it almost makes me glad for the virtual waiting room…

    Finally, The Red Sox Foundation, partnered with Massachusetts General Hospital will hold the 1st Annual 9K Run to Home Base on Sunday, May 23rd. A scenic 9K run through Boston, the race ends with the participants crossing the finish line by crossing home plate at Fenway Park.

    This special opportunity is limited to the first 3,500 registered runners 16 and older, with each person required to raise a minimum charitable donation of $1,000, and will benefit The Home Base Program, which offers services to our service men and women who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries, as well as their families.

    And not only will participants have the chance to run across home plate at Fenway, but will get the experience of cheering fans as well, as friends and family members of those participating will be in the stands to offer support-and, yes, there will even be concessions for the event–just like a game… There will also be a “Run to Home Base” Family Fun Zone and Expo, in Fenway’s concourse areas, as well as exhibit booths offering information about programs available for veterans.

    For more information, or to register for the event visit the Run to Home Base Website.

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