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  • January 19th, 2010

    January 18, 2010:
    Arbitration Deadline Day…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:54 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    So Papelbon got a $3+ million raise for 2010, coming to terms with the Sox for and yet another 1- year contract, this one valued at $9.35 million. Can’t say I am thrilled about it, since that 8th and 9th inning implosion against Anaheim in the ALDS, which lead to the end of the Sox postseason, is still fresh in all our minds.

    Not that I expect him to take a pay cut (Cause THAT would never happen) but a 50% raise? But then again, this is Jonathan Papelbon we are talking about–Mr. “I need to set the standard..” blah blah blah…and chances are he would have gotten at least that much in arbitration…

    Now, we all know that Papelbon is just biding his time, waiting for Mariano Rivera to retire, with the expectation that the Skanks will make him a major offer for his services, and, if that offer is the highest (which you KNOW it will be)–he will be in Skankee pinstripes.

    Besides Papelbon, the Sox also came to terms with the Demonic Bullpen Tandem (Ramon Ramirez and Manny Delcarmen) before the deadline, which leaves newcomer Jeremy Hermidia as the lone holdout. He asked for $3.85 million, and the Red Sox countered with $2.95 million.

    I expect them to agree at about $3.25 million by the hearing date, because, as we know, Theo has never actually gotten to an arbitration hearing during his tenure with the Sox. The closest was with Wily Mo, who hammered out a deal right before they were to go into his arbitration. This year’s hearings will begin February 1…

    So Jose Offerman has been banned for life from Dominican Republic Winter baseball huh? This is the 2nd time in less than 3 years he has become violent on the field, the 1st time was when he was hit by a pitch in an independent league game in 2007 and charged the mound with his bat, hitting the pitcher and the catcher (the pitcher later sued him, citing “permanent, career-ending” injuries); this time he was the manager, and threw a punch at an umpire during a winter league game over the weekend. The team he is managing, The Tigers, will appeal the decision as Offerman is under contract with them for next season. Bad BAD news….

    Tim Wakefield seems to be progressing as expected, after have the back surgery in the off season that he should have had during the season. From pitching coach John Farrell: “He’s in a throwing program right now. I think once we get him on the mound and taking regular turns like everyone else, these decisions will become a little bit more clear as we get into camp and closer to the season.” Tito is also sticking to his original statement with regard to not putting Wake in the bullpen: “What we know is that we have a really good pitcher. We feel like we have six bona fide major league starters. Wake’s probably not that 200-inning guy that he’s been. So how that slots in, that’s what we’ve got to figure out.”

    Nick Green, who also had back surgery recently, and whom I had hoped would be back with the Sox, despite the fact that there are potentially 2 shortstops ahead of him, signed with the Dodgers recently. I hope he can get a steady gig for himself–he is a decent player–he just needs to find a place…

    Speaking of finding a place, 4th outfielder Rocco Baldelli is still available, and still fielding interested teams. Like Green, I hope he finds a good place to land–while he cannot play everyday because of his leg and injury issues–he can still contribute….

    Coming up: Less than a month to Pitchers and Catchers–but still almost 3 to Opening Day…and there is very little to write about….La La La…

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