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  • January 13th, 2010

    January 13, 2010:
    Review: The Lost Interview of
    The Great Ted Williams

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:01 pm in Baseball,Red Sox,Review No Comments

    The Lost Interview of the Great Ted WilliamsLast week, I was contacted with a most excellent opportunity: The chance to check out The Lost Interview of The Great Ted Williams, hosted by Bob Lobel.

    Back in 1997, Ted and Bob Lobel sat down on September 9th at Fenway Park, and discussed everything from Red Sox fans, to hitting, to his contentious relationship with press, to how the game has changed since he played.

    Soon after the interview was taped, Ted got ill for the last time, and it was set aside. It’s only now that this uncensored footage (and the Splendid Splinter certainly knew his way around the more colorful words in the English Language) is being released, almost 8 years after his death.

    Seated next to THE red chair (he told that story as well), Ted and Bob looked out over a Fenway Park without a Green Monster and reminisced about when baseball was a simpler time, a time when Ted’s loyalty to the Yawkey’s would have keep him in a Red Sox uniform his whole career, even today when it seems everyone has a price.

    As I was watching it, it made me wish for a return those simpler times, and reinforced my regret that I was born 40 years too late to have seen Ted Williams play the game we all love so much.

    My only complaint was that the interview is not very long (about 25 minutes) and seems to end rather abruptly. But maybe I am just being greedy, as I could have sat and listened to Ted for hours.

    And I’ll admit, it got a bit dusty in my house when I was watching, especially when Bob Lobel tells the story of the last time he saw Ted Williams alive, and their final interchange…

    But I will say this—after watching this video there is NO WAY you can make me believe that he would have wanted to have his head frozen at some place in Arizona—-the man I saw would have wanted his ashes scattered in the water…

    This video is a MUST HAVE for any Red Sox fan’s DVD collection! You can get your copy here.

    Check it out!

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