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  • January 11th, 2010

    January 11, 2010:
    Post 801: 9 Thoughts

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:39 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    In honor of my 801st post (Totally missed the boat on Post 800…),

    Here are 9 random thoughts about the Sox, Baseball, and anything else that comes to mind… (I said it was random…)

    I am still amazed I have been doing this blog thing since May of 2006, never thought I would be entering my 5th season chronicling the Boston Red Sox–seeing them through the ups and downs, and their 2nd World Series win in 2007. I have met so many amazing and interesting people, including the fine folks over at the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA), of which Boston Red Thoughts is a proud member…

    And last, but certainly not least, the folks who take the time to read my blog–I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy lives to check out what I have to say. Thank you…

    So Daisuke hurt himself last January prepping for the WBC huh? Apparently, he was being too aggressive in his workouts, and injured his right inner thigh. So, instead of doing the right thing, which would have been to come clean to the team that is PAYING YOU A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY, he choose to tell NO ONE (not even his coaches on the Japanese team) and load up on anti-inflammatories to take the edge off the pain, and pitch in the WBC–and then hoped it would heal over the season while he still pitched for the Sox–and we all know how that worked out–It took most of the season for him to recover even some of his effectiveness…Personally, I think he should give 75% of his salary for 2009 to the Jimmy Fund, as he certainly did not earn it pitching…

    As we all know, the Hot Stove Cool Music festivities were this weekend, which included the roundtable discussion on Saturday, and the concert at the House of Blues on Saturday night. Benefiting Theo and his brother Paul’s Foundation To Be Named Later, the events raised $275K…

    So, Satan is describing the 1 year deal with Adrian Beltre as a “Pillow Contract”. W…T…F…?? According to him: “A pillow contract is, basically, you lay down, it’s comfortable, it’s soft, and its there. But the fact of the matter is, it’s not with you all the time. That’s a one-year contract. Your pillow, you leave it, you come back, it’s there. Short-term, you use it for a little bit, then you move on.” Do I even need to say how REVOLTING this man is?? Didn’t think so…

    In recognition for his work with Boston charities, January 9th, 2010 was Peter Gammons Day in Boston. He was also honored with 4 scholarships in his name, to be given to Boston Public school kids. The scholarships were supplied by Riso, Inc, in Danvers.

    Trot Nixon…Coach? If he has his way, Trot Nixon, the original dirt dog, will once day become a coach for the Red Sox organization. Released from the Brewers during training camp in 2009, Trot is currently retired, but if the right opportunity came up, he would jump at it: “I still have Theo’s cell phone number. I could be calling him down the road to badger him for a job in the minor leagues. I’d love to be a part of the organization again someday.”

    Despite the fact that Theo is saying that the Mike Lowell situation is only “awkward from the outside”, how can it not be awkward on the inside as well? A veteran player, clubhouse leader, crap, the MVP of the 2007 World Series, and the best you can do is a deal where you pay 3/4th of his salary to whomever would take him, and get back a catcher than can’t catch? And when that deal fell thought because his thumb was about to fall off, all of a sudden all is well? More from Theo: “If Mike gets out on the field and shows that he is 100 percent healthy as we expect him to be a couple weeks into spring training and starts playing well, there will be an opportunity for him. If it’s here, if other players don’t show up in good health, or elsewhere, he’s going to be a sought-after player and we’ll probably be able to put Mike in a situation here or elsewhere where he can really make an impact on a team.” I love the Red Sox, but their way of going about their business really sucks sometimes….

    So, the Cuban left hand pitching phenom, Aroldis Chapman, who was coveted by the Sox, the Skanks and a bunch of other teams, has reported signed a $30 million contract with the Cincinnati Reds…not exactly the place I thought be would end up…

    Coming up: The Hot Stove continues–and hopefully there will be something to write about soon…

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